Is Javier Milei net worth really $5 Million? Outsider wins Argentina’s presidential election!

Javier Milei Net Worth: Javier Milei is a famous politician in Argentina. In starting he achieved prominence as an economist and the author of multiple books on economics and politics before he rose to political prominence. Javier Milei is an author, politician and present President-elect of Argentina. In his primary elections. Milei’s primary election victory got everyone shocked in his political establishment and over Argentina. His political career is going great in his country and he is famous and very rich. Here is everything about his net worth.

Javier Milei Net Worth
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Javier Milei Net Worth

Javier Milei is a great politician and present President-elect in Argentina. He is a politician as well as a YouTuber. He has achieved huge success in both of these profiles. He made a good name on YouTube as well as in his political career. Because of this much success, he also enjoys a great income.

According to a report he has an official YouTube channel where he is more popular, in that channel he posted his political interviews where he had 220,000 followers. On his YouTube channel, he talked about politics, his interviews and everything regarding politics in Argentina. It is speculated that his net worth is around $5 million as of 2023 which he has achieved because of his huge success. 

Javier Milei Political Career

Javier Milei, a president-elect in Argentina. In his starting political career he had faced a lot of controversy. In 2017 he had a controversy that “the main producer of Argentina’s economists is a Marxist indoctrination centre”, about the Tennis Economics School of the University of Buenos Aires, leading to what he called “the ubiquitous proliferation of Keynesian brutes”. Then in Feb 2017, he had another controversy where he called Domingo Cavallo as the country’s best economy minister.

In 2018 at a  conference of San Joe’s de maten in a salt province he called a journalist a donkey, in which he didn’t want to apologize for his mistake and because of this, he was accused of exerting gender violence.

Javier Milei Net Worth
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In 2019, the magazine (Noticias) referred to him as one of the most influential people in Argentina. In 2020, he spoke in favour of protests against the government led by Alberto Fernández. In 2021, he fought for women’s empowerment and now in 2023, he is preparing for his presidential election.

Javier Milei Biography

Javier Milei was born on October 22, 1970, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He is a well-known economic politician and a founder of “think tank Fundacion Acordar in 2012”. Ha also has a YouTube channel with 220,000. 

Javier Milei has a girlfriend named “Fatima Florez”. As an author, he published a book “El Camino del Liberterio” in 2022.

Javier Milei: FAQ

Who Is Javier Milei?

Javier Milei is a popular politician in Argentina. He is an author, politician and present President-elect of Argentina.

What Is Javier Milei’s Net Worth?

Javier Milei’s total Net Worth is around $5 million.

Who Is Javier Milei’s Wife?

Javier Milei is currently unmarried and he is currently dating Fatima Florez.


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