Las Vegas police released the UNLV student ID photo of the shooter, Sam Hyde!

Sam Hyde: A very shocking incident has been coming from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where a lot of destruction has been made after a shooting attempt. During the ongoing university period, sudden sounds started coming of gunshots and in several minutes, the university campus went destructive and more than 3 victims can be identified from the situation. A shooter named Sam Hyde has been identified by the police and he is also killed by the police during a shootout. The picture of the shooter was also released and here is all the information about the shooting at the UNLV campus.

Sam Hyde
Image Source: Times Now

Who Was Sam Hyde?

Sam Hyde has been recognised as the prime shooter of the recent shootout at the University of Nevada Las Vegas where a destructive shootout happened during the ongoing university period. Sam Hyde is a 31-year-old student of the university who performed a tragic shooting at the university having a shotgun. 

He was later killed in a shootout with the police department. A shooting battle was held between the shooter and the police department where he tried to escape from the location but was killed by the police officers. He was later identified as a 31-year-old student of the university. 

Police and the UNLV department have released his student ID picture to make him recognised by other people as well. There are 3 students injured in this battle and the number can still vary after investigations. 

About the UNLV Shooting Case

A major shooting was happening on the University Of Nevada Las Vegas campus where a lot of students were disturbed during the ongoing campus period. Three students were badly injured in the shooting and the total number of victims is still varying. The shooter was identified by the police department; he was also killed by the police authorities in a shootout. 

Sam Hyde
Image Source: Concentric Advisors

The shooting was held on Wednesday, 6th December 2023 at 11.45 am and the University announced all the students to take Shelter-in-peace. The shooting started occurring suddenly from different corners of the university and the police department reached out immediately to control the matter. 

LVMP Sheriff Kevin McMahill stated, “Right now, we know there are 3 victims, but unknown extent of the injuries. That number could change. We will update you when we know more.” A 21-year-old journalism student shared his experience, stating that he and approximately 12 other students barricaded the door to their classroom, acknowledging the tense moment of reaching out to parents to express love.

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