SUSPECT: Man, 34, Shane James Taken into custody by police in relation to a series of gunshots in Texas spree shooting!

Shane James is a 34-years old man who is under police custody now for causing multiple shootings around Texas in Austin and nearby areas. The shooting was done in tek rounds and it caused the death of six people out of which two are his own parents. He is now taken into the police custody as the prime suspect of this matter. According to the reports, he was going through mental health issues for a long time. He was mentally ill and was also arrested previously for assaulting his family members. Here is lal the details about Shane James and Texas shooting.

Shane James
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Shane James Arrested 

Shane James was arrested from Austin on 5th December 2023 for performing the multiplier rounds of shooting around the areas of Austin and others in the San Antonio areas. He had performed shooting around five different locations in central and South Texas. The reason for the shooting is not known but he is the prime suspect of this incident. About a total of six people died in this matter and the other three were badly injured after these incidents. 

The two victims killed in this incident were his own father and mother Phyllis James of age 55 and Shane James Sr. of age 56. He was taken into custody on Tuesday night and a series of investigations had been going on against him. He is a patient of mental illness and his family have been taking care of him for a long time. This incident has farmed many people around Texas and a strict action will be taken against him very soon.

Shane James Previous Arrest History 

Shane James is a 34 years old man arrested for the multiple round shooting at Texas that took many lives. He also has a prior history of police arrest on 6th Jan 2022 from his home in Bexar county, Salazar and the victim was his own parents and siblings. He had allegedly assaulted them and was arrested at the Bexar County jail. 

Shane James
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After a week, the victim’s advocate created a bond for his release from the jail stating that he had a history or mental health issues and the bond stated that he won’t have any harmful contact with his family. He was released on 7th March and then he cut off his ankle monitor which was a violation of rule and an arrest warrant was also issued against him. In August 2023, police reached his family home and issued three arrest warrants to his family and at that time his mental health episode was ongoing.

Police went to his room where he was naked behind the door and when police tried to take him he hid behind the door and threw a slur on them. Police asked his father to call when he will get out of that room but he never called again and this Shooting incident happened on December 5th. 


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