Man, 24, Daniel Mihai Popescu Charged With Attempted Murder Following A Stabbing Incident In A South Wales Town

Daniel Mihai Popescu has been taken under police custody after his attempt to stab a pregnant woman to death. He is a 28-years-old man who has attempted to a murder a pregnant woman by stabbing her more than 5 times with a ranged knife that had left that pregnant woman badly injured. He is now under police custody and will be presented to the Merthyr Magistrates Court on Thursday 7th December 2023. He attempted the crime on 5th December 2023 at Aberfan outside her home. She was pregnant at the time of this stabbing and currently under medical observation. 

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Who Is Daniel Mihai Popescu?

Daniel Mihai Popescu is a 28 years old man who is currently under police custody and arrested for stabbing a pregnant woman and leaving her injured badly. She was completely pregnant probably in her last months of pregnancy. He allegedly stabbed her more than about 5 times and with a large knife that left her badly injured.

She was rushed to the hospital immediately and somehow she survived and her unborn baby is also fine. A lot of eye witnesses are available who have seen him stabbing the woman and he would have killed him if the people would not have come there to protect her. 

He is currently arrested in the Aberfan jail and will be presented to the Merthyr Magistrates Court on Thursday 7th of December 2023. All the localities of the woman are supporting her and raising the voice against Daniel for attempting such a crime.

About Stabbing Incident In A South Wales Town

Daniel Mihai Popescu
Image Source: Yahoo News UK

A terrible stabbing incident happened in the South Wales Town in Aberfan where a woman of age 29 years was stabbed by a 28-years-old man Daniel Mihai Popescu. The woman was a mother of two children and was also pregnant with her third child. The woman named Pintilli was coming from the tuition of her children and she just reached outside her house when Daniel Mihai Popescu came and stabbed her badly with a long knife.

Witness Katie Roberts had seen him stabbing from his window and he immediately came down to save her and covered her wounds with his towel. It was a very dangerous matter and the arrest was also made immediately. The relation between the woman and Daniel is not known and it is being investigated by the police authorities. 


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