Bailey Quinn is facing harsh criticism for voicing her support for Hamas

Bailey Quinn: Bailey Quinn has recently gotten a lot of controversy regarding the video that she shared on her social media platforms to show her concern towards Hamas and support them. After sharing the video, she got huge criticism from people and they started making many negative comments about her video. Some of the users have gone very personal in the comments to show her down after saying in support of Hamas. The Hamas and Israel war is creating a lot of controversies all around and now people’s opinions have also started a huge war between the audiences and the general public. 

Bailey Quinn
Image Source: The Llanelli Herald

Bailey Quinn Controversial Video

Bailey Quinn is now getting huge popularity and slams after one of the videos went viral where she was seen supporting Hamas and taking a stand in their support. Her video had become a huge controversy all over the social media platforms.

She took her social media profile and shared her self-made video where she was seen raising her voice in support of Hamas and accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. She mentioned clear facts claiming that Gaza never killed any of the Israeli’s kids and also shared her concern about the electricity issues faced by the Gaza people.

Who Is Bailey Quinn

Bailey Quinn is a young woman who is currently on trend and getting a lot of criticism on social media platforms after sharing a video related to the Hamas and Israel war. She is a pediatric resident at UConn Health in Connecticut. She had recently shared a video in support of Hamas and shared their point of view and concerns.

The middle-aged woman has allegedly supported Hamas for everything they did and shared the reasons for them doing so. She said in her video that Hamas were never brutal and they never killed any of the Israeli kids. She also mentioned concerns related to Hamas issues related to electricity.

People Reactions On Bailey Quinn Video

A lot of people have already watched the video and it spread like a fire all over the social media platforms. People started showing their condolences and disappointment with the video and also slammed her badly. She was criticized by many of the audience and some people also commented that she never went through the pain of becoming a mother. That is why she has dared to say so. 

All the social media platforms are now filled with criticism and comments to the reply to her video. Some people have also supported her and agreed with her to sign her right and also encouraged her opinions.


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