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VIDEO: Twin Blasts Near Bus Stop Shakes Jerusalem Video, A Teen Dead & 18 Other People Injured, Suspect Name!

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Welcome back everybody another horrible accident occurred in Jerusalem where two bus blasts were recorded that killed a young teenager and injured more than 18 people; it all happened on Wednesday morning standard emergency services immediately arrived at the accident spot and the deceased teenager was from Canada and the suspicion goes on Palestinians. There has been a conflict between the factions for a sensorily long time and thousands of people have lost their lives because of this conflict. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Twin Blasts Near Bus Stop Shakes Jerusalem Video

Twin Blasts Near Bus Stop Shakes Jerusalem Video

and it is a very complex Jerusalem that has always been a point of dispute for several countries and regions. The first explosion was recorded near a crowded bus stop at the very edge of town and half an hour later another blast was recorded in the south direction of Ramot. Three people were badly injured and they lost a lot of blood and they were immediately taken to the nearest medical centre. Now pictures of the funeral of a Canadian teenager are trending on social media sites.

A Teen Dead & 18 Other People Injured In Twin Blasts

And there is a high alert issued by police authorities across the country and communal violence may break out. The young student was identified as Aryeh Shechopek. We would like to extend our deepest thoughts and prayers to the family of a young man and may his soul rest in peace. This was clearly a radical terrorist attack and authorities have been constantly fighting against these associations and they have illuminated a lot of new nuisances. A similar type of incident happened in 2014 when many people were killed.

Who Is The Suspect?

Some local artists attended the funeral and they got really emotional because they feel like they are not safe in their own country and they are not free to practice their religion. Jerusalem is a very important holy place for three measures mainly Christianity Islam and Judaism. Christians believe that it is the place where Jesus Christ was crucified and it is a place of the highest significance. The Prime Minister of the state of confirmed that he would track down the attackers.

the Israeli army is fully equipped with the technology and skills required to complete this operation may because they have proved themselves in the past. He also announced the death penalty for the attackers who will be tortured. No one has been arrested or apprehended as of now and police are working day and night to uncover the mystery of the attackers and quickly serve justice. We will be back with some more information and until then stay tuned to our website.


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