Home World VIDEO: Kyle Hackland Stabbing Video, Manchester Teen Dead, Age, Parents & More!

VIDEO: Kyle Hackland Stabbing Video, Manchester Teen Dead, Age, Parents & More!

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A teen from Manchester was brutally stabbed and killed and police gathered at the police helping the teen transfer to the hospital. Police were informed about the disturbance and until they reached the accused fled area, the police are still investigating the case and they are searching for the evidence as well. The teen who was stabbed was identified as a 17 years old boy from Manchester named Kyle whose demise was shocking for his family, friends, and loved ones as well who paid tribute to the teen and also posted about him online. Stay tuned as we covered everything about the murder and also about the teen as well in detail. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Kyle Hackland Stabbing Video

Who Was Kyle Hackland?

Kyle Hackland was a teenage 17-year-old who was stabbed to death on the streets and although he was transferred to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries. Much information about the accused is not out yet as the investigations are still ongoing but police have revealed certain information about which we will inform all of here. Family members of Kyle added that their lives will never be the same as before as their loved child has now passed away. They also added that the death ash left them broken and devastated. The family members added that the child was a well-mannered and kind boy who always looked out for the family.

Kyle Hackland Stabbing Video

This incident occurred on the 22nd of November 222, Tuesday when Kyle was stabbed fatally on Southlea road in Withington this occurred around 11:30 am and police were alerted about the disturbance created on the streets. When police arrived they found Kyle injured. They transferred the teen by air ambulance but he passed away shortly after he got to the hospital. Detectives who are investigating the case have said that the case was not random and that it was all planned. The police also ensured that there is no threat now to the civilians and to the local residents of that area as well, rather the attack was targeted.

What Happened To Kyle Hackland?

Several teens gathered at the place and the place of the incident and they placed various flowers on the place. Many even stick their messages on flowers while someone wrote Rest in peace. One of the messages read that Kyle was someone who will be missed dearly. The message also continued by saying that they will miss Kyle and his crazy face in the school. While the writer adds that they hope that he rests in peace. Family members have said that Kyle was their son, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend who miss being missed dearly. They also added that they are now completely broken by the passing of Kyle and he will never be replaced.

Detectives have sealed the area and they are now investigating the case. The detectives of the local area have also added if there is anyone with any kind of information they can come forward as it will be of getting help in solving the case. Police also have asked that someone who has a dash camera or CCTV camera are requested to check their cameras if there is anything recorded by any chance. The officer investigating the case has said that they are in the early stages of the case and they assure that they will catch the accused soon.


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