Journalist “Saeed Al-Taweel” Killed By Israeli Airstrikes In Gaza, Family Mourns!

Saeed Al-Taweel: The Israeli war is rapidly growing and there is no stop to these inhuman acts almost in 2-4 days a lot of people have been encountered in this war. Most recently an Israeli airstrike was done that took the lives of multiple journalists and a lot of media people have lost their lives in this airstrike. Saeed Al-Taweel was one of the journalists who lost his life during this bombardment and a lot of social media posts and condolences have been made on him.

Saeed Al-Taweel
Image Source: Irish Examiner

Who Is Saeed Al-Taweel?

Saeed AI-Taweel was a Pakistani journalist who was very proficient in his profession and specially assigned to the danger situations. He covers world news and along with other two Pakistani journalists he was covering the matter of Israeli wars

And attacks but in the sudden bombardment and airstrike he lost his life on the spot and it really displays how brutal the situation is there currently. He will always be remembered for his courageous performance and dedication to his profession.

Information About The Israeli Airstrike

In the early morning, the strike was made in a city named Gaza in Israel that was to Target the media, hospitals, and other civilians. It was an airstrike that took a lot of lives and caused huge property damage. It was a highly forced, destructive, and very dangerous inhuman act. 

Apart from Al-Taweel many other journalists also lost their lives in this destructive strike. Mohammad Jargon of Smart Media and Ibrahim Mohammad Lafi of Ain Media are the two other journalists officers who lost their lives leaving all their family members in deep sorrow.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Qanan who is a reporter for Al-Ghad channel, suffered injuries in Khan Yunis and was recently admitted. Nidal Al-Wahidi and Haitham Abdelwahid are the two photographers who somehow got saved and returned back. 

Total Loss Of This War

The ongoing Israeli war has caused a lot of lives during this 3-day long period and it is still continuously increasing. More than 1300 lives have been taken by Hamas in just 3 days. These strikes are mostly targeted at media offices, media centers, medicals,

And other public safety units. It is very destructive and the entire region will have to suffer for a long time after it ends. A lot of people have been brutally killed and it reflects a bad mark on humanity. The most targeted location was the building housing Roya TV’s offices in Gaza,

Which was destroyed by assigning 4 missiles. This attack shows how media people face problems during the situation of conflict and wars. They are a public servant and it’s their job to convey messages to the public but they become the most targeted people during such conditions.


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