John Turscak federal inmate charged with attempted murder for stabbing Derek Chauvin 22 times in a Tucson prison!

John Turscak: A very shocking case has been coming from Tucson jail where a federal inmate had tried to assault a former police officer who is currently in Jail. The federal inmate named John Turscak had fatally stabbed the former Minneapolis police officer. The police were going through the punishment of imprisonment where John Turscak had fatally tried to stab him badly and charged him with a ranged knife. The situation got worse as it raised questions on the safety concerns of the Jail department and also a lot of injuries to Derek Chauvin. Here are the details on this whole matter.

John Turscak
Image Source: Times Now

Who Is John Turscak?

John Turscak is currently in the news after he tried to attempt murder in Tucson jail. John Turscak is a federal inmate of 52 years old, who had tried to take a life and an attempt of murder charges have also been assigned to him. He is currently in police custody for the charges of attempted murder case while he tried to attack a former police officer named Derek Chauvin who was inside the jail. 

He has attempted to assault Derek Chauvin for about a month and on black Friday he tried to kill him by fatally stabbing him more than 20 times the reason behind this is considered Chauvin’s high-profile inmate status. He denied the fact of killing him but he explained himself saying that the attack on Friday was only made to display the link to the Black Lives Matter movement and the black hand symbol associated with the Mexican Mafia gang.

Who Is Derek Chauvin?

John Turscak
Image Source: Times Now

Derek Chauvin is in a huge conversation after a fatal stabbing of Death was held with him in the jail. He is a 47-year-old former police officer who was being punished with federal and state sentences at FCI Tucson. He was in jail sentenced for a very long time and transferred to the most secure Minnesota State prison in 2022. 

He is facing the Jail punishment of 21 years due to violating George Floyd’s civil rights and 22 and a half years jail for second-degree murder. For a long time, the safety concerns of Derek Chauvin were at a higher risk and his lawyer has also asked for it in court. He was kept in solitary confinement for his protection for the last year and John Turscak reached there and stabbed him with a sharp Knife about 22 times. 

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