Israel PM Netanyahu Says “Though Israel Did Not Start This War” But “Will Finish It”

The current ongoing Israeli-Palestine war is rapidly growing and it has already caused a lot of lives and property destruction. There is no end to this unnecessary conflict and it has reached its peak after the airstrike. Recently, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a press conference and warned Hamas to stop this conflict because Israel had not started it. He also mentioned the help from international support.


Israel War

He was looking in deep pain and it was triggering his anger he warned Hamas to stop here otherwise they would have to pay for it badly. He mentioned that they’ve started but we will end it and its reflections will be remembered by both Hamas and Israel for several decades.

He also mentioned many brutal actions that Hamas has committed till now and how they brutally kidnap people, killing them and playing with the emotions of families and their loved ones. He also stated on hosting and hurting people using sentiments that represent cruelty about a human being.

Declared Hamas As Terrorists Of ISIS

He compared Hamas with the notorious terrorist organization ISIS. He asked for global support and encouraged the civilians to act against him as they did against ISIS. This kind of comparison can easily represent the brutality of Hamas to the Israelis. 

Netanyahu expressed gratitude towards U.S. President Joe Biden and other world leaders for their support. He also mentioned the commitment of the United States to Israel’s security and thanked countries that stood by Israel during this tough time.

Israel’s Fight For Civilization

Netanyahu mentioned that this war is inside its borders and represents all the regions having civilizations. It was a fight not just for the Israeli people but for every country that opposes barbarism. He confidently declared that Israel would win this conflict and if it really happened then it would be the victory of the whole civilized world.

Hamas is the ruling authority in the Gaza Strip and all these Israel – Palestine conflicts are triggered by Hamas as Israel never wanted this war. The Hamas group launched thousands of rockets and sent fighters across the border following the same methods and scenarios that Israel faced back in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence.


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