What’s There In “Frank Biden Leaked Selfie”, They Must Have Hacked My Phone Says Joe Biden’s Younger Brother!

Frank Biden Leaked Selfie: Recently a photograph has rapidly gone viral on various social media sites and it put Frank Biden at the center of controversy because that is his picture. Actually, Frank Biden is the younger brother of American president Joe Biden and recently his naked picture was found on a gay website that is getting viral on social media. 

Frank Biden Leaked Selfie
Image Source: Daily Mail

Frank Biden Leaked Selfie

The leaked selfie, showing Frank Biden in a bathroom, was initially posted on the NSFW photo blog and dating site, GuysWithiPhones, back in May 2018. The site, known for its popularity within the gay community, contains both clothed and unclothed selfies taken by individuals using their iPhones. It remains unclear who originally discovered and shared the photo and why after a long time this photo has been researched and shared.

Frank Biden’s Response

When the photo started getting viral there was initial confusion about whether the person in the explicit photo was really Frank Biden. But Frank eventually confirmed to the Daily Mail that it was actually him in the selfie. He completely denied uploading it himself and stated that his phone had likely been hacked. This statement was further supported by a visible watermark in the photo.

It was a fact and point that this picture could be used by someone to blackmail Joe or Frank to take advantage of them. The intent behind sharing the image was questioned, especially in the context of the 2024 presidential election. But this point is still not proven if someone has posted the picture or used it to defame Joe against his political career.

Frank Biden’s Background

Frank Biden is professionally from a law field and he is currently a senior advisor in a law firm based in Florida. He has completed his higher degrees in the field of law and also worked in the political field with his brother. He worked as a director of legislative and congressional affairs when it was Bill Clinton’s administration. He always helped his brother in political matters and campaigns during the time of elections.

Frank Biden Leaked Selfie
Image Source: Newsbreak

Frank Biden’s Philanthropic Work

Aside from his legal career and political ties, Frank Biden serves as the director of a Central-America-based philanthropy organization that focuses on pediatric AIDS relief, scholarships for the underprivileged, and infrastructure development. He spent all his life in public service.

In 2018, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, had explicit photos of himself leaked online, allegedly taken between 2008 and 2018. Hunter’s scandal involved additional elements, including firearms and allegations of inappropriate conduct.


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