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Who Is Kaivalya Vohra? At 19, Zepto Founders Become The Youngest Rich Individuals In India, Age, Career & More!

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So we are here to tell you when updating you about the youngest and the richest India Huran list, Kaivalya Vohra. So if you are one who are not aware of him so he is a very popular sensation all over social media platform and there are a number of people who wanted to know and were getting curious to know more about him as a person so you are at a right place because we are here to share you and give you all the updates and details about him. So he is a boy of 20 years old and his birthday is celebrated on March 15, 2001, he was born and raised in Bengaluru Karnataka. Let us know some interesting facts about him in this article. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Are Zepto Founders?

Who Are Zepto Founders?

Talking about his religion so he is a Hindu boy and talking about his occupation so he is a professional entrepreneur founder of zepto and Kirana cart. At a such young age, he is building a lot of things for the youth he has been influencing and motivating a number of people around him. Since childhood, he was a brilliant student and he completed his graduation from Stanford in computer engineering but then he decided to drop his graduation and then he started working on his own startup. Initially, when he thought of starting these up he goes founded the Kirana card with his friend whose name is Aadit Palin.

Who Is Kaivalya Vohra?

Together they thought of many things but they will not able to find the right product for their cart and for the market so they decided to stop this project however he is one of the most popular names nowadays as he is one of the youngest people who have been starting up with the startup and he has been building and creating an innovative world for desert know that most of the people use to go to schools colleges why he dropped his graduation for his own startup which is a very great and a tough thing. He founded zepto when he was 19 years old.

At 19, Zepto Founders Become The Youngest Rich Individuals In India

Now coming on to the main and a crucial topic where people want it to know what is his net worth approximately so we have been gathering this information that currently his net worth is to be calculated more than 1000 crores and he is becoming one of the rich person entrepreneurs in India he is also active on the social media platform but you can check and go through his profile only on LinkedIn. He is raising the bar high and also setting an example for the upcoming youth that whatever you want it to do when your life you have to achieve a great bath.


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