What Type Of Allegations Does Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr Have: Senior Pentagon Official Charged With Participating In Dog Fighting Ring

The nation was left stunned and shaking when it came up on hearings that a senior Pentagon officer, Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr. had been involved to joining a dogfight ring. As we get closer to the case’s conclusion and a verdict is reached, this article gives insight into the charges levied against Moorefield concerning this horrible incident.

The Arrest and Charges
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The Arrest and Charges

Frederick Doughlass Moorefield Jr., sixty-two (sixty-two), was a senior figure in the US Department of Defence. His position was, Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) Command, Control, Communications and Computers, Department of Defense CIO. Nevertheless, when he was arrested on the 28th of September, it shook up the country. The case of Moorefield is an example of someone charged with promotion and furtherance of a notorious animal fighting venture—a felony that attracts severe penalties.

The Co-Conspirator: Mario D. Flythe

As it turned out, others were equally terrified by this discovery made by Moorefield. In addition, a 49-year-old Mr. Mario D. Flythe of Glen Burnie, MD was accused with other criminal offenses for his involvement in the said dogfight. That the two had been engaged in dogfighting was confirmed through Flythe’s admission thus proving the earlier allegation made against them on this.

Disturbing Evidence

Investigators discovered horrifying facts when they conducted a search on residences owned by both Moorefield and Flythe. At Moorefield’s house, it was discovered that the battery jump starter had been used on dogs. This was exacerbated by the fact that both houses contained additional five pit bull-like dogs in their number. In this respect, the raid revealed other forms of inhumanity such as weighted collars and heavy chains that were meant to make the dogs stronger for fighting purposes.

A Shocking Discovery

One of the most troubling discoveries however was a mechanical device used for forced impregnation of females, illustrating the depth of depravity associated with people engaged in dog fighting. Such stains as bloodstains from dog fights indicated that these animals really underwent tremendous suffering.

Long-Standing Involvement

According to the evidence, dogfighting was only part of an organized criminal venture. Indeed, it is apparent that Moorefield’s involvement in dogfighting goes back since no later than 2002. The messages, which were about set ups for battles and prize money showed that the bull fighting had continued even after arresting others involved in it. According to reports, they were experimenting on steroids, testosterone boosters and other substances that would give them an edge in such brutal fights.

Connections to Past Incidents

It also revealed links to previous occurrences. The Anne Arundel County Animal Control reported that two dead dogs were found in a plastic dog food bag by their house at Annapolis in November 2018; this was roughly 6 miles away from Moorefield’s home. More so shockingly, this bag had some letters addressed to him and so pointed him out as an accomplice of these heinous acts.

The Pentagon’s Response

The Pentagon reacted by confirming that Moorefield has faced a criminal complaint while being arraigned at the United States District Court for the District of Maryland. Although they agreed that Moorefield is not among the employees any more, some information about his job remained untold.

The Broader Conspiracy

This does not happen singularly. The reason for this is based on the findings of the indictment against seven additional offenders involving similar dogfighting activities that occurred in August of 2022. They used nom de plumes such as ‘The DMV Board’ or simply ‘The Board’ while operating through chat groups on secure messaging apps regarding arranging dogfights on their phones, video exchange among others, as to cruel manner of killing dogs that lost the barbarous matches

The Widespread Issue of Dogfighting

Dogfighting involves breeding dogs that are aggressive and then bringing them into dangerous fights to entertain crowds/make money for their owners. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (A.S.P.C.A.) states that yearly hundreds of thousand dogs are affected by this cruelty. However, with the enactment of Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (2019), such actions are now classified as a federal crime.

The Fight Continues

This is an important move towards increased strength in the law on dog fighting; nevertheless, this example shows that there is an absolute demand for continuous surveillance and lobbying. Indeed, as Stacy Wolf, the Senior Vice President of the ASPCA notes that law enforcers are reluctant to intervene in animal fight events where animal protection agencies might not bear the financial impact caused by seizing the creatures.

A Public Safety Concern

While dogfighting is primarily an issue of animal abuse, it poses significant threats to public safety as well. These include unlawful gambling; narcotics; drug possession, and firearms in prohibited places. The brutality involved in such an incident is always accompanied by a wider web of crime and this case serves as a case example.


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