Is Victor Siharath Arrested? 3 Women Killed, 2 Injured In Crash In Pomona After Baby Shower!

Victor Siharath Arrested: Victor Siharath a 33-year-old man from Pomona, California is a common man who is now in a very bad situation because he was blamed for killing three ladies in his car. The whole incident is from 2 March 2024 when this incident occurred there was a night and he did this and tried to escape from there but they found him by his car. This incident makes everyone shocked and angry because drinking and driving is illegal but most of the men don’t follow the law and because of that so many people have lost their lives just because of some bad people. 

Victor Siharath Arrested
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Victor Siharath Arrested

On 2 March 2024 there we news came out that a man whose name is Victor Siharath whose age is around 33 had been arrested for hitting two vehicles with his car through which three women lost their lives after that incident he tried to escape from there and when the woman’s family filed a case against that guy then he got under the custody of Pomona police.

According to the report, on 2 March 2024 at night around 11 PM Victor Siharath was driving his car at full speed in Paloma, and from another side there was a vehicle coming and Victor lost control of his car, the control started was not in his and his car got crashed with that vehicle in which more people got hurt but three women were injured very badly. The collision was so dangerous that two women lost their lives on the spot while the other one took his last breath in the hospital after that police case was registered.

Police caught Victor Siharath and arrested him for killing three women in his car. The police put him in a case of drink and drive, hit and run. According to the law, drinking and driving is a very dangerous crime and this crime is very dangerous in every country. People were very angry at him just because of his careless things. Three people lost their lives and they never came back. Victor’s small fault resulted in the loss of three lives. 

Victor Siharath Statement

After this incident happened in Poloma, California around 11 PM the dead body of the woman was taken under investigation and the postpartum and the woman’s family were in shock thus was a very sad moment for them because someone careless driving took three lives with him 

Victor Siharath Arrested
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After Victor was arrested he claimed that he was drunk while driving a car. He apologized also for his doing but three lives will not come back and that’s the reason he has to pay for it.

 It is said that the police had almost solved this case and the victim also claims he has done so very soon the court will give an order that Victor has to pay for it. Drinking and driving is a very dangerous thing. It will put the drinker’s life at risk as well as the people around him will also be a part of his mistake.

Vector Siharath FAQ

Who Is Vector Siharath?

Vector Siharath is a 33-year-old man from Poloma, California.

What Did Victor Siharath Do?

Victor Siharath hit two vehicles while he was drunk in which three women lost their lives.

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