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Who Is Fit Punjaban VIDEO Tiktok Viral All Over!

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A video that is going viral on the internet is of a girl who is said to be an influencer on social media platforms. While many such videos go viral on the Internet, many of the times the person who is already recognized gains more popularity than the usual ones. The video we are here talking about is the Fit Punjaban girl leaked video which is getting viral all over the internet. As the video was leaked online, many of the netizens who already knew about her shared the video on a large scale, hence making the video trend on various social media platforms and on the internet as well. Let us learn in depth about what actually happened. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Fit Punjaban Tiktok Video Viral 

Fit Punjaban Tiktok Video Viral 

Fit Punjaban is an influencer on social media who gained much attention after she started posting videos of her how to live a fit life and she also used to post videos of her lifestyle. While on one hand, she has her career, on the other hand, it cannot be forgotten that she also posts videos and pictures which are normal and she looks beautiful in them. This girl is originally from India but she lives now in Melbourne, Australia. The real name of Fit Punjaban is Sandeep Kaur. Sandeep migrated from India and according to her, she lives now in Melbourne. Although Sandeep is very selective when it comes to her personal life, it is for sure clear that the video that went online was leaked.

Fit Punjaban Leaked Video

Fit Punjaban or Sandeep Kaur is an influencer who has over 290 k followers on her TikTok account and she also has a huge following on her other social media accounts as well. The main source of her income is social media and her career began through TikTok where she posted videos on lifestyle, and fitness as well. Also, her name is based on her work. Throughout her TikTok journey, Sandeep has gained over 5 million likes on her TikTok account and is the most loved creator of India from Melbourne. When the video of her went viral, Sandeep took the help of the cybercrime department and she reported the video of hers on the internet.

Who Is Fit Punjaban? Real Name & Instagram

The video of Sandeep that went viral is actually an explicit video and it has her private moments captured in it. After that video went viral, the woman in the video was recognized very easily as Sandeep is quite famous and the video was shared on a huge scale, so much so that it was trending on Twitter. After the video came to the notice of Sandeep she reported it and the cybercrime branch took the matters legally. Many of the websites are made to remove the video from their websites, as the video is leaked, and that too without the consent of Sandeep. Sandeep posted about her leaked video matter and also the response that she got from the cyber team. Hopefully, the video will be removed soon.


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