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WATCH: Who Was Janetina From Greece? Mum, 36 Dead After Jumping From 50 ft From Balcony, Death Reason – Husband!

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Janetina 36 from Greece died after trying to jump from the balcony. Janetina was a 36 years old woman and mother of two. She was all ready to leave her apartment and go on a holiday along with her children. But fate changed when she tried to jump on her balcony. The children were waiting in the car for their mother to arrive and they were all packed up and ready to leave for the holiday. The incident was all of a sudden and left many in shock. Let us learn more about the sudden death of Janetina and why she jump off the balcony. Janetina was a woman from Athens Greece. She was all set and packed up leaving for a vacation from her house and was leaving the city to head towards the airport. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Was Janetina From Greece?

Who Was Janetina From Greece?

Then she realized that she missed a bag in her house itself. Janetina had two children one of 5 years old and the other 2 years old. As soon as she realized that she left the bag in the apartment she decided to get it back and quickly ran to her house to get the bag back from her house. The incident was reported by her neighbor and while reporting to the media her neighbor said that she missed the jump. When she returned to her house, Janetina realized that her door is stuck and she was unable to open the door of her apartment. She quickly ran to her neighbor’s house and rang the bell. Janetina tried to jump from her neighbor’s balcony into hers and that was the moment when she missed and fell from a height of 50 ft.

Mum Dead After Jumping From 50 ft From Balcony Video CCTV

Janetina fell from the third floor and she became unconscious as soon as she fell. Her neighbor told while speaking to the media that she missed the jump and slipped from the balcony. In the meantime, her children were waiting for her to return to the car and were with their aunt. Janetina was with going to meet her partner on the holiday. The children were along with her aunt and unfortunately, their mother died while they were waiting for her in the car. It is been said that she became unconscious when she hit the ground and fell from the balcony. She was quickly transferred to the nearby hospital and during that time, she was injured harshly. While she was taken to the hospital, the doctors pronounced her dead. Janetina was in a rush that she will be late and that is why she did all of it in a rush.

Her rushing and jumping happened at a very wrong time, which eventually ended up taking her life. The incident occurred on the 13th of June 2022, Monday. While reporting to the media, Jenatina’s neighbor said that Janetina knew how to make long jumps and she did jump from one balcony to the other while she was alive this was the first and the last time she ended up missing the shot and died in a very unpleasant manner. The shocking news spread very rapidly and people are sending condolences to the family of janetina. The poor children lost their mother, prayers to the family of Jenatina, and condolences as well.


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