Home Entertainment WATCH: Naagin 1st MAY 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Check Spoiler Alert!

WATCH: Naagin 1st MAY 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Check Spoiler Alert!

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A cracking News for all the lovers of Naagin, as the show is coming up with more twists and drama this weekend. On the 1st of May, Sunday the show will make its viewers sit at the edge of their seats. The episode will be out soon, some unexpected things are going to happen in the latest episode of naagin as said by the sources and the trailer update. Pratha the lead is going to defeat the demon Maha- asur, along with nagmata. The episode is going to have a major clash between pratha and the demon. The demons are also behind her husband.  Death awaits her husband. Pratha takes an oath that she will protect her husband and her family at any cost, even if she has to die. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Naagin 1st MAY 2022

Naagin 1st MAY 2022

There will be a twist as nagmata herself will play a negative character this time and will have a connection with the Naaglok. This episode is going to showcase lots of drama and emotional aspects of the latest episode. This episode is said to be an important event in the drama. As pratha doesn’t know who is maha-asur and didn’t know his identity o hoe he looks like, she has to first find out the maha- asur who is openly roaming in her own house. With death awaiting her husband, she has to take care of him as well. as the demons from the hell came to know about her family, she has to defeat the demons as well and protect her family.

Naagin Today’s Full Episode Written Update

A real side of seema is going to be revealed in this episode, in front of pratha and mehak. They are going to see a change in her behavior and there will be more doubts in the drama series. Mahek and pratha make a decision that, paratha is going to look after the family and also the naagmani. And on the other hand, mahek is going to look after seema and notice her behavior and what her next move will be in this episode.

Simultaneously, mahek will have a plan to separate pratha and Rishabh her husband as there cannot be any connection between them. Rishabh is a human and prtaha is a naagin and therefore she thinks to separate both of them in any circumstances. Her final goal will be to separate the couple and keep them away from each other. More updates will be given in the upcoming episodes of again


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