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WATCH: California Dad Is Beaten By Stater Bros Staff, Full CCTV Footage Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Reason Explained!

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Ask for the recent reports very shocking news is coming up where a father of 7 from California and it is being said that he is beaten up badly by the grocery store members after he was making a sarcastic joke and he couldn’t take it where this particular violence happened on April 20 and now it is been escalated to the private store close-set and the whole situation has been caught under the CCTV camera for more updates state one with us and we will let you know about the whole incident. So when the investigators come and asked him about the full incident he told them that it all started when he was going to pick up a coffee then he was going for the cash line and registering himself. Follow Our website¬†TheGossipsWorld.com¬†for the latest updates!!!!!

California Dad Is Beaten By Stater Bros Staff Video

California Dad Is Beaten By Stater Bros Staff

However, a manager asked him to ignore that the man told that it is great customer service and it should be in a nice manner not in an angry manner so the staff said him to leave from the place. It is very unappropriating to behave like this with a customer then he escalated into a brutal beating when he walked out and in the particular video, it is seen that he was badly dragged to the road, and there were at least two groceries store workers who beaten up very badly.

California Dad Is Beaten By Stater Bros Staff Video

He was treated very badly and his wife also said that he has a bump on his head and his eyebrow had been split then she called the police. He mention that the employee was coming and then they were trying to close the door very badly and he was making efforts to kick the door so that it can open but they were so angry that they grabbed his legs and harshly him down and beaten half very badly then they started kicking on his head and on his leg and which has caused a very serious injury to him.

California Dad Is Beaten By Stater Bros Staff Full CCTV Footage

This news has shocked everyone and now everyone is trying to understand the whole incident and investigation has been taken place and the two workers have been caught by the police and they were beating him so badly that no one could come and help him then he was suffering from pain and the worker was shouting and saying the statement that let him up and. It’s a duty of the owner and A shopkeeper to respect the customer but in this particular video, these two workers have been beating this kind man very badly.


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