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Watch Bharathi Kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 8th June 2021 Full Episode, Check Spoiler Alert!

We are here for all entertainment lovers therefore the coming scene starts where Parvathy advises Archana that she transferred a dance video of Archana and Senthil via Web-based Media, and it’s getting huge likes and perspectives too. Parvathy says that various individuals are adulating them particularly Sarvana, another side, Ravi and Venu sitting, and in the interim, Anjali questions them about the explanation. Ravi says that they are elderly folks individuals and it doesn’t look great to play with them, however, she causes them to comprehend that everybody is equivalent here. Then, at that point, they begin playing, and in the interim Venu settles on a decision to Soundarya and gets some information about the area.

Bharathi Kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 8th June 2021 Full Episode

Later, at that moment Soundarya ponders about the existence of the Emergency clinic and illuminates Bharathi that she needs to leave the spot at the earliest opportunity. Then, at that point Venu releases his sentiments and says that she come here subsequent to taking authorization, and interim he imparts his pain to Soudariya. Then, at that point he encourages her to take all drugs at the right time, Another side Venba is clicking selfies and Santi brings tea for her. Then, at that point she communicates her fury by saying that she has taken care of up to work here, and says that if Anjali brings forth a kid so Bharathi will lose interest in the subsequent marriage.

From that moment onward, Shanti gets misbalanced and falls on a superficial level and she blends the tablets and thus an issue raises since now she doesn’t know about Archana and Anjali’s medications. In any case, regardless of this, she comes to Anjali and gives her medication yet in the interim, Akhil comes and prevents her from having meds which recommend by Venba. Another side, Sarvana peruses the sonnet yet now fulfilled with respect to verses and ponders that how might he make Sandhya read it. Since he has done numerous missteps and needs more an ideal opportunity to rehearse.

Then, Archana sends Senthil to wash up first, and she gets a question in light of the fact that the drugs are appearing to be unique. However, she ponders that possibly the organization printed it diversely and feels that if Senthil comes to realize that she is having these prescriptions to stop her pregnancy, so he will educate Shivagami regarding that. Then, at that point, Senthil comes outside and begins moving, and unintentionally, he gets misbalanced and harmed too. Then again, Sandhya requests that he read it and says whatever is in his heart since she needs to hear that.

Later, Shanti gets uncovered by Parvathy in light of the fact that she discovered her in the act and Venba educates her that she met her to fix herself of the pregnancy. In the wake of hearing this Parvathy gets stunned that Archana is having tablets to keep away from pregnancy since it been 4 years of her marriage and still, she needs to keep away from it. On another side, Venba reproaches Shanti to demolish everything. However, Shanti handles her and brings espresso for her, and in the meantime, she believes that there is no compelling reason to advise Archana about Parvathy, Therefore for more latest updates and information stay tuned with TheGossipsWorld.


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