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VIDEO: While Thanking Subscriber Twitch Streamer Justketh Tumbles & Falls On The Road, Video Went Viral All Over!

In this article, we are going to tell you about a very interesting and shocking news a very famous twitch streamer whose name is justketh tumbles hard fall from the road while she was thanking her new subscribers so during her life stream she fell off hilariously and everyone was shocked as well as laughing on her she was a roadside pub so if you don’t know about this well known to it streamer we will make sure to update you and tell everything about her in this article so stay tuned with us and follow for more updates. Follow Our website¬†TheGossipsWorld.com¬†for the latest updates!!!!!

Justketh Tumbles & Falls On The Road Video

Twitch Streamer Justketh Tumbles & Falls On The Road Video

She is a very well-known streamer and she belongs from Bangkok so this is the only occupation she always tries to be more consistent on this platform and she also regularly streams in the category just chatting. Talking about the duration of a stream so it is usually 10 to 12 hours where she is going out and exploring new things and trying to interact with the different people who are herbivorous however talking about the incident that how did she sleep in her chair while she was on the roadside pub so she was going to the pub and she has consumed a lot of drinks before she got off from the chair at the pub.

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So talking about her stream it was being entitled with Vietnam checking in the wheat city which was 12 hours long video and streaming and the Thai streamer was roaming the streets of Vietnam with her camera on so this particular video and streaming starts when she was checking into the airport and she was explaining everything about her travel after that she went to a hotel and then she also met her friend and then she decided to explore more things about this city and especially the different types of restaurant and pubs there.

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Then she decided to visit the roadside pub where she decided to put the camera in front of her to record everything when she was talking and streaming this streamer wrap her arms around her shoulder to offer her friends and in doing so she lost all the balance of her body and also the chair fell on the street in front of everyone it was quite embarrassing for her to tell from the chair and front of the live people and their many people who were watching her live at that moment. But she was lucky enough that she didn’t get any serious injuries

There were a lot of people who came up to help her and try to pick her up when she fell from her chair then she immediately got up and took all of her drink and again she started sitting back on the chair and then she attended an offered to the place. Talking about her live stream so it ended with her returning to her hotel room and she was interacting very nicely with all of her sons this particular clip is getting viral only on social media platforms and there are a number of people who are commenting on that post and also writing some inappropriate words for this streamer and it is said to be a very funny moment for her


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