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VIDEO: Ryanair Passenger Being Escorted Off A Flight To Ibiza Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube, Arrested!

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The police will get tired of taking action but the crime will not take the name of stopping. It seems like committing crimes or violating the rules is becoming the new trend these days as people are fearlessly violating the rules. Within a few times, the cases of violating the rules of airlines are constantly increasing. As per the latest report, one more person has been nabbed after he caused problems for the airline and violated the rules. In the reports, it was mentioned that the man was drunk and currently in police custody. Keep on reading to know more information about this case. As per the media reports, a drunk Ryanair commuter has been taken down off the airplane and he was seen wearing handcuffs after he was caught vaping during a flight to Ibiza. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Ryanair Passenger Being Escorted Off A Flight To Ibiza

Ryanair Passenger Being Escorted Off A Flight To Ibiza

On Saturday, 11th June 2022, Alex Jackson captured the entire moment when the police officers came onto the flight which was standing at Manchester Airport to remove the 23-year-old, Jack Stringer. The video is currently making rounds and receiving numerous comments from the side of netizens. The video footage viewing the police officers inside the flight detaining the young man. After the police arrested him, the flight attendant took the vape off him before calling the cops. The police officers today declared the 23-year-old hails from Lancashire have been slapped with the charge of the public order. He will come up at Manchester and the Court of Salford Magistrates on 3rd August 2022.

Ryanair Passenger Being Escorted Off A Flight To Ibiza Full Video

The video views a police officer dressed in the black defensive cavalier vest square up to the commuter while standing in the between of the aisle. He is viewed waving for the other commuters to leave their seat and indicating towards the front left door. In the meantime, around 7-8 police officers were then shooted gathered around the back of the police car after reportedly chaining the customer of Ryanair. The 23-years-old, Alex stated he viewed from the airplane as police officers put him the police van propr to the plane took off to its destination which is Ibiza.

The pals of the man managed to remain on the plane and go to their destination where they are going to spend their holidays sadly they need to go without their friend as he was nabbed after his behavior. By profession, Alex is a barber who hails from Manchester, uploaded the video on his TikTok account on Sunday, 12th June 2022. The video has since then garnered over around 2.1 m views and around getting more than 112,00 likes. The video created a lot of sensation and a blend of the mixed reactions from the side of watchers.


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