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VIDEO: Jordan De Goey Bali Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube, Full Scandal Explained!

In this article, we are going to talk about the bad boy name Jordan De Goey. He was officially said to sit down with the calling word officials on the day Monday through which we can clearly state that the former coach name Nathan Buckley who is 26 years old now taking all the responsibility for all the miss happening and the scandal which has been caused by the wild Bali party video and number of people are curious to know more about the whole situation and this is the reason why he is coming on headlines and this has become the most talked topic of baby and now he is all set so that he can fly back from Bali on this Sunday. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Jordan De Goey Bali Video

Jordan De Goey Bali Video

However, talking about the officials of AFL they are also watching and considering the whole situation and they’re having a look at the situation in which we can see footage where Dee Goey has been exposed and he was trying to attempt where he was exposing the breast of his friend whose name is Remy Jackson talking about him so he was on the bar this was the most recent incident which has been involved where he was spending a night in a present after going to the New York bar and they were having a fight.

There was an extreme pressure that begins and never ended when the clamped town for his bad behavior, however, there was a meeting afterward and they were discussing the whole situation with the officials and the members of the board and reporting about his bad behavior of him it is coming under the concerns that why he has been putting himself in the same condition, again and again, it was not a good decision at all and he has been appearing in several social media’s video during his booze bender.

He is 26 years old and he is an adult now so he can take all the responsibility for the decision he makes and he must put himself in such a condition and situation where he becomes the topic to talk however everyone is talking about him now talking about the players of calling word so they have given an announce 12 days off it is known as the by round because the whole club was being aware of the situation of De Goey which took place in Bali. However, many peoples are also defending De Goey.

Talking about Ramy Jackson so she took her Instagram account where she was seen that she was defending De Goey talking about her Instagram followers to she is having 17400 followers and we have noticed a sudden change that has been seen in her account after she posted and took a side of De Goey. More than 2000 followers have been increased on her account over the last few days. Talking about Ramy Jackson so she has been seen on many social media platforms and there is several videos in which she is seen partying with De Goey.


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