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Udaariyaan 14th September 2021 Written Update, Khusbeer Asks Amrik To Take Tejo’s Bag In Her Room!

Hello, All entertainment lovers we are back here with another episode of the favorite show named Udaariyaan so today’s scene starts with Abhiraj gets Tejo’s sack and advises her to all the more likely things indeed. Everybody reclaims and seeing Tejo. Tejo then, at that point questions Khusbeer that where she stays, Khusbeer grins and states in a similar room you used to live in. Nimo insults Gurpreest to expand your circulatory strain portion as Fateh would deal with two ladies all at once. Khusbeer requests that Amrik take Tejo’s pack in her room. Fateh is going to state something, yet Khusbeer denounces him states you have lost all your entitlement to be spoken in this house. Khusbeer states that the room has a place with Tejo and requests that Tejo go to her room. Tejo takes a gander at Fateh and leaves from that point.

Udaariyaan 14th September 2021

Udaariyaan 14th September 2021 Full Episode

Later Fateh then, at that point questions Khusbeer for what good reason is he doing this, he states I did a mix-up by wedding her. He further states that I don’t cherish her and can’t acknowledge her as my significant other. Khusbeer states you don’t make any difference any longer I called her as a little girl of this house. She comes here for Biji and on the off chance that you both disapprove of that you both can take off from this house. Nimmo again insults Gurpreet that Jasmin would leave here as Fateh’s sweetheart.

Then Satti & Bebe are having sympathy for Tejo, Satti states Jasmin is her sister and presently living as Sautan in Tejo’s in-law house. Bebe consoles Satti and states God would help Tejo. Abhiraj is blowing up seeing Jamin at Tejo’s home, he states that he would bring her back here, yet Rupy requests that she stop. Bebe recommending conversing with Jasmin once to realize what is she considering doing. She states may she would get consented to take off from Tejo’s home. Satti states Bebe is stating right we ought to go with this, yet Rupy states it would not function as he probably is aware Jasmin well.

Later then Tejo is going into her bedroom, yet Mahi questions her that first, she would do the tidying up of your room. Mahi eliminates Jasmin’s stuff from the cabinet. In the interim, Jasmin goes to her and questions how can she set out to eliminate her effects. Mahi helps her to remember Khsubeer’s words and hands a stuffed to Jasmin and she leaves with Amrik. Jasmin goes to Tejo and questions what is doing, yet Tejo gives her a befitting answer and the two of them contend. Grab the complete scene of Udaariyaan only on colors tv at 07:00 PM IST and anytime on voot and stay tuned with TheGossipsWorld for more exclusive written updates on serials!


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