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Tiktok: What Is The One Slice Challenge, The Uncanny Trend Goes Viral, Details Explained!

Hello good people, another weirdly manageable challenge has gone viral but what is this newest TikTok challenge all about? The One Slice Challenge is relatively simple but is getting the attention of a bunch of TikTok users. The hashtag #OneSliceChallenge has accumulated more than 1.9 billion views on the platform. The One Slice Challenge is a TikTok trend that examines users to consume a slice of bread within one minute. Users have to bite and consume the entire slice of bread in a minute and if you cannot do so then you lose the challenge.

What Is Tiktok One Slice Challenge?

What Is Tiktok One Slice Challenge?

The #oneslicechallenge hashtag has been used in a number of related challenges, including one which features users throwing slices of cheese at strangers’ cars. The trend may seem harmless, but it can be a major annoyance for those who find that their cars have been victimized. After all, especially if it’s hot outside, the cheese can melt and leave the owner with an enormous mess to clean up. What’s more, cheese that is more acidic could also be corrosive to the paint on a car, leading to more lasting damage that costs money to repair.

One Slice Challenge Explained!

All you require to do to join this challenge is buy the 7-ELEVEn’s pizza slice, cover it with an 11-pepper sauce packet, garnish it with Paqui’s Haunted Ghost Pepper chips (because there isn’t enough pepper already), keep a can of Liquid Death Mountain Water to wash it all down, and say a prayer before you start to gobble this all up. One thing you should know is that this combo going to taste amazing no matter the consequences that you will have to face.

This next trend is much more damaging than the initial one, but both have been associated with the #oneslicechallenge hashtag. One version of the trend may leave you in desperate need of a glass of milk, but the other version may lead to an encounter with law enforcement. Throwing cheese at people’s cars may seem like an amusing way to spend some free time, but it’s not quite so funny when you consider the damage that’s being done along the way. Even so, it’s nothing compared with the aggressive school challenges that have become so popular on TikTok in recent months. For additional trending news stick with TheGossipsWorld


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