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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 14th September 2021 Written Update, Check Today’s Full Episode Highlights!

Sasural Simar today’s episode starts some more dramatization on your screens. All things considered, around evening time’s scene starts with, Simar remaining close to Sandhya and educating her regarding her new position. Simar reveals to her that the recording would begin shortly. Sandhya grins and questions her that it is uplifting news yet for what valid reason she is advising it tragically. She favors her, Simar embraces her and reviews Badi Maa’s words, and gets tragic once more, Sandhya inquires as to whether she advises this to anybody in the house, Simar denies it. Sandhya states that assuming Badi Maa becomes more acquainted with this, she should be furious at her as well as at Aarav as well.

Sasural Simar Ka 14th September 2021

Sasural Simar Ka 14th September 2021 Full Episode

Therefore later at that moment, she would send her out of the house before the excess 12 days. Simar answers that she needs to deal with her propensities and needs to change herself following 12 days on the grounds that, after this, life would be something different. Sandhya inquires as to whether she is certain in light of the fact that now she is using up all available time, Simar enlightens her concerning Ganda Rasam and states that turning into a vocalist is her life’s fantasy. Sandhya grins and states not to educate anybody concerning this. Sandhya respects her adage it is great that she has chosen about her transporter yet she proposes her not to advise about the rasam and all to anybody.

Later then Simar gestures and guarantees that she won’t advise this to anybody. Simar grins stating that everything transformed into reality in view of Aarav Ji. In the interim, Aarav comes there and gets some information about his sack, Sandhya looks on, Sandhya grins seeing him, he answers that Simar consistently keeps his stuff protected and clean so he doesn’t have to really look at anything. He states Simar to accompany him and get him the puck and documents. Both leave, while Sandhya ponders Simar and supplicates about her future.

Whereas after that, Vivaan makes a phone call to Reema however she doesn’t get that, Vivaan goes thinking why she is making him more bizarre when she is in a difficult situation and requests her that what kind of affection is this. Indu goes to their room and states her to get that call. Reema answers that it is a spam call, Indu takes a gander at her and inquires as to for what reason do her eyes are enlarged, Reema answers that if a Bahu is having a saas like Geetanjali Devi so it is only something normal. Indu states her not to talk like this since she isn’t just saas yet additionally the grandma of Vivaan and he won’t bear this any longer. The scene is having more dramatization Therefore remember to grab the complete episode of Sasural Simar Ka only on colors tv at 6:30 PM IST and for additional insights and updates stay associated with TheGossipsWorld.


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