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RIP: What Was Dr. John Cheng Cause Of Death? Prominent OC Doctor Killed At The Church Of Laguna Woods, Funeral!

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The lethal shooting that happened on Sunday at the church of Laguna Woods took the lives of many people. The Taiwan community sorrows the demise of many people but one death-bringing more tears to the eyes of everyone. A doctor who is considered a superhero of Taiwan lost his life in this horrible crime. It is extremely heartbreaking to know the death of a person who saved many lives but could not able to save his own life. As per the latest report, a sports medicine was assassinated at the time of the mass shooting which happened on Sunday, 15th May 2022. The incident happened at a church which is in Laguna Woods, California is being titled the hero after he fight with the gunman to the floor. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Dr. John Cheng Death Reason

Dr. John Cheng Death Reason

The 52-years-old, Dr. John Cheng a father of two children had gone directly to the suspect recognized as an American-Chinese dual national named David Chou but was lethally gunshot in the entire process, Don Barnes the Orange County Sheriff stated at the press conference which was held on Monday. He stated that “It is getting to know that Dr. Cheng was charged with the accused and tried to disarm him, which permitted to other parishioners to then intercede, now arrested the suspect and put him in the custody.” He further added that “Sans the courageous actions of Dr. Cheng, there is no doubt there would be multiple sufferers in this hatred crime.”

Dr. John Cheng: Wikipedia & Biography

The lethal shooting that happened on Sunday also left brutally wounded including 4 sufferers. The age of the sufferers is assumed to be between 63-93. As per the bio of Dr. Cheng which is mentioned on his website of his employer, “South Coast Medical Group. Dr. Cheng was always passionate about martial arts instructors. Use his martial arts knowledge for the city of other victims. Ever since the people got to know about his killing the entire social media platform is flooded with condolence messages and many are paying tribute to this divine soul.

Dr. John Cheng Killed At The Church Of Laguna Woods

Johnny Stanton wrote a Tweet after hearing about his sudden death. He wrote, “Dr. Cheng was his primary care physician. Obviously, a hero who lost his life while saving the lives of other people. He assailed the gunman and aided to save the lives of other people who were present at the church. I just only wanted to know people about him and his bravery. He will always be missed and remain alive in our hearts.”


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