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ORIGINAL: LUIS RUELAS & TERESA GIUDICE Leaked Video, Warrior Camp Shows The RHONJ, Check What Happened!

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VIDEO: Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice Leaked Video, Warrior Camp Shows The RHONJ, Check What Happened: As founder Marguerite Josephs approached him about it, Giudice told her, “Listen, this is a part of his background, so he will not really give anyone an answer about everything.” After one problematic videotape featuring her fiance, Luis “Louie” Ruelas, aired on “The Desperate Housewives of Nj” premier Tuesday evening, Teresa Giudice made damn sure to defend him. “I go with how Luis we are now and in the coming,” Giudice, 49, added. “I have such a history with him, and I believe he’s an incredible man.” Ruelas emerges naked before several equally naked males in one footage from the unearthed film, asking for mercy and proclaiming his love for just an unidentified woman at a certain sort of Spanish beachside event, dubbed a “warrior Bootcamp” in internet communities. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for more updates!!!!!!!!

Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice Leaked Video

Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice Leaked Video

Look, I would really like to send you towards this school,’ he said. Otherwise, I’m never going to be very successful. Show him the attention I deserve and offer him the credit he deserves. Josephs was not the one in Giudice’s circle who voiced his displeasure. Giudice finished the thing by saying she’s a “grown woman” so she and Ruelas are “doing great.” Josephs sought to calm things down by claiming the girls love him and some are just “interested,” however Giudice concluded the response by saying she’s a “grown woman” so she and Ruelas are “doing fine.” “He informed me about this program when I still met him,” Gorga stated in a confessional.

At a meal alongside Melissa Gorga, Tiki Barber with his spouse Traci Johnson, Giudice’s father Joe Gorga acknowledges, “It was a little strange. Ruelas, 46, talks through the phone while sitting on the beach with a bunch of soldiers, telling his fiancée, “I’m coming back home for seeing love to just get proposed to put our families together again and eventually be wedded and have a life with.” All of Giudice’s co-stars would have something to add as well. The footage was described by Johnson as “bizarre” and a “legitimate concern.” It was “strange,” according to Jackie Goldschneider. Melissa described the situation as “wild.” Jennifer Aydin called it “weirdo s–t,” as well as Dolores Catania predicted Giudice would “go insane.

I understand your anguish, and I apologize for causing you misery.” Top 6 reported 2 months first before the video surfaced that Ruelas, 46, was supposedly “physical intimacy” but had left underneath a string of former who said he’d become furious if he can’t meet his ideas about sex. “I really like you.” Ruelas said, “I know I thought errors and pushed me down and kept my reality in because I was scared about these other individuals surrounding me.” Since she “just does not want to f–cking listen your head,” the guys urged him to speak honestly.


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