Home Television Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar 9th June 2021 Full Episode, Check Highlights Spoiler!

Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar 9th June 2021 Full Episode, Check Highlights Spoiler!

Therefore latest scene of Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar will begin where Vadivu persuade Muthuraj to make Aishu concedes to the clinic furtively. In the interim, Muthuraj says that she should lament wedding him subsequently he takes her in his arms and goes from that point without illuminating any other individual. Then, at that point, he misleads Specialist that she got misbalanced in the washroom through which she got harmed yet Vadivu is blaming him for an endeavor to kill while saying that in the event that somebody becomes more acquainted with it so all that will be destroyed without a doubt.

Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar 9th June 2021

Later, at that moment Vadivu states that they should educate them eventually so it’s the perfect opportunity to uncover it. However, Muthuraj declines by saying that it is hurtful to them and says once let them treat her then they will ponder it. Yet, Vadivu says that in the event that she releases their name so what will occur, Muthuraj sends him to her home for rest. Nachiyar is lost in her reasoning and in the meantime, Chidambaram shows up and begins conversing with her. Then, at that point he uncovers that he realized that Muthuraj isn’t useful for her, however notwithstanding that, he allowed them to wed.

From that point forward, Gayathri attempts to settle on a decision to Aishu through Kathy’s versatile and she begins grilling her that why she is getting apprehensive, didn’t she educate her that she went sanctuary. Then, at that point Lakshmi comes there and says that she needs to talk about something with her and says that toward the beginning of the day she went into the space for cleaning. At the point when she was cleaning she got some blood stains and a wrecked jug and in the wake of hearing this she gets stunned. Then, at that point she says that it appears to be off-base which isn’t suitable and they should sort out the whole issue.

Later, at that moment Chindambaran questions Vadivu that where she is going and she illuminates him that she has some critical work through which she is going out. Then, at that point he gets some information about Muthuraj however she misleads him that he is in his room, and says that Aishu went to the sanctuary. Yet, Chidambaram gets uncertainty and says that they never under any circumstance go to a sanctuary and she asks him that would they say they are questioning her?. However, in the mean time, Nachiyar comes and cross examines her that when they went there, another side Vadivu concocts some faltering reasons and changes it as early morning.

Suddenly, at that moment Chidambaran grills her that what is the explanation for her shuddering and why she is jabbering. Then, at that point, he settles on a decision to Aishu yet she doesn’t get the call yet Muthuraj goes to a call so that, he can not get uncertain and says that she is scrubbing down. Chidambaram cautions Vadivu that at any expense Muthuraj should return today regardless of what occurs. Then, at that point Vadivu attempts to deal with the conditions and goes from that point and Kathy follows her cleverly. Therefore don’t miss streaming it at the right time & for additional subtleties stay with TheGossipsWorld.


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