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The Flag of American Samoa is commended each year on 17th April and predominantly, it is otherwise called a public occasion in American Samoa on April 17 consistently. It is said that the seventeenth of April falls on any End of the week and on the off chance that it doesn’t occur along these lines, the occasion is seen on the closest workday. According to the sources, the occasion is basically seen on the commemoration of American Samoa turning into a domain of the US in 1900. A find’s day is otherwise called Columbus Day and essentially brought in American Samoa. The day is commended for the Christopher Columbus disclosure and American Samoa’s developing industry. 

Flag of American Samoa Day 2021
Flag of American Samoa Day 2021

Flag of American Samoa Day 2021 Wishes

On this day, the number of inhabitants in American Samoa praised this day with their family and family members and the principal flag was brought up in 1900. Numerous families and offices fly stars, stripes, and American Samoa’s flag during the special festival. Alongside this festival, American Samoa additionally commends this day for certain exercises like processions, cricket matches, banquets, and longboat races. Additionally, some more exercises are played here like customary dance and music doing combating. 

Flag of American Samoa Day 2021 Slogans Quotes

The Samoan Island is situated in the focal point of the South Pacific and every one of these islands were gotten comfortable around 1000 BCE by Polynesians. Dutch guide Jacob Roggeveen was the primary European who confronted Samoa’s island in 1722. In 1878, the US of America consented to an arrangement for building up a maritime station in Pago Harbor. In any case, the understanding of 1899 isolated Samoa into an effective reach like the US control the eastern islands and on the other side, Germany controlled the Western islands. The Tutuila was endorsed in the space of Pago on seventeenth April 1900. 

The flag of American Samoa shows a red-edged triangle of white which is highlighting the crane that caught the eagle and grasping a conflict bolt with the dull blue upper and drawback of the triangle. In April 1960, the substitution of stars and stripes received as an official flag of American Samoa. Since the day, the flag has decided for the region of American Samoa and the tones were picked in the flag is shows the practice of Samoa and the US. 

While, the eagle in the flag, the blue, white, and red shading show the togetherness of the US. Till the twentieth February 1904, all the island of eastern had been added to the US, albeit, the Congress of the US didn’t acknowledge the deeds till the date. The flag raised first time on April 17, 1960. In the earlier the year of 1960, the flag of Samoa won the flag’s plan rivalry at Samoana Secondary School and planned by Fareti Sotoa who is a secondary school understudy. For more latest updates and information stay connected with us.


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