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Dublin Man Arrested: Who Is Conor Flynn? Why Was Dublin Man Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

Conor Flynn, a man from Dublin, Ireland was arrested and was sent to jail for six months as shared a private video of a woman without her consent. Flynn is a construction worker who now is involved in the case of violation of private rights terms. The woman whose video Flynn sent was not aware of the fact that Flynn has a tape of her private moment. Flynn is now 47 years old and he has a family to care of. Flynn met the woman in a rehab center and he got the video without the woman’s consent. Later when the woman came to know about it, she filed a case against Flynn. He was eventually dragged to court and later jailed for six months. Let us know in detail about the case and what happened?  Flynn is a man from Dunlin, Ireland he is 47 years old as of now, and moreover, he is the father of three children. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Was Conor Flynn Dublin Man Arrested?

Who Is Conor Flynn?

The family details Flynn is still unknown but it is known that he is the father of three children. Flynn who is a construction worker was a drug addict and he met a woman at the rehab center. Flynn got the tape of the woman’s private momenta and shared it with his friends on Snap Chat. This video was a private video of the woman and was shared without the knowledge and consent of the woman. When the woman came to know about the sharing of the tape she filed a case and eventually, Flynn was asked to show up at the police station. Later he admitted that he shared the private tape. Trials were begun and it came out that Flynn and the woman were at the rehab center and they started seeing each other.

Why Was Conor Flynn Dublin Man Arrested?

Flynn and the woman shared private moments and they got intimate as well. The woman was not aware of the taping. Flynn invited the woman to his house and they got intimate. The woman didn’t know that Flynn was recording everything. The woman went away but Flynn recorded everything and then shared the video on Snapchat with four of his friends. The woman who got intimate with Flynn and whose video was shared was terrified because of the tape and said that the video was shared without her consent and she said that she is afraid that she is getting followed every night.

Conor Flynn: Wikipedia & Biography

Flynn is a worker who was currently working at the Tyrconnell Road, Inchicore. He was a drug addict and he was very addicted and habituated. Apart from that, he was a regular visitor to the rehab center. The tape was filmed a year ago and shared it with his four contacts. The contacts with whom Flynn shared the private tape are not revealed. Also, the name of the woman is also revealed as the names of the victim are not revealed by the media in such crucial cases. The tape was filmed on the 16th of May 2021, a year ago and the same day they shared intimacy. The age of the woman is said to be the 30s and she is in her early 30s currently.


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