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DIAZ VS FERGUSON FIGHT AT UFC 279: Premier Date, Start Time, Channel Name, Where To Watch & More!

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Good evening everyone, All Ultimate Fighting championship followers are very excited about the fight that is going to take place between DIAZ VS FERGUSON at UFC 279. It is going to be the main event and millions of fans All Around The World will be watching this. It is going to be a good debate this year and these fighters have been winning the hearts of millions of audiences, let’s get straight away to the comparison between these two and they have not faced each other. You can watch this whole event as a pay-per-view on ESPN plus. Follow Our website¬†TheGossipsWorld.com¬†for the latest updates!!!!!

Diaz vs. Ferguson Premier Date

Diaz vs. Ferguson Premier Date

with the fees of $75 and a subscription is also available at $10 a month. The Indian timing for this match is 7 in the morning and the premature event will start at around 3. The fight will take place on the 11th of September and it will be different in some time zones. The organisation has been building up for this fight and the fighters were really excited during the presentation. Diaz is currently 37 years old and he was born on 16th April 1985 he has a height of 183 cm with a weight of 77 kg.

Diaz vs. Ferguson Start Time

Started his welterweight career in 2016 and he used to perform in the lightweight in 2004. He has played a total of 33 matches with a 20 wins record and 13 losses. Where is talking about his opponent Ferguson he is currently 38 years old and has the same height and same weight. Talking about his fighting record he has been able to win 25 Matches and 7 losses. Looking at the correct form Ferguson is the favourite. He started his career as a take boxer and initially, he was losing a lot of matches then he started working on his a physic.

Diaz vs. Ferguson Channel Name & Where To Watch

You should not miss this matchup and you can pick up your fighter and enjoy it. He is a gold medal champion in the National championships of 2006 and his opponent is a silver medalist in the 2005 California Jiu-jitsu championships in the 82 kg category. Both of them have a fair amount of experience and the rivalry between the two will be increasing at a very rapid rate. We will be back with some more information regarding this fight until then keep reading articles on our website.


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