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DETAILS: Are Roberto & Erika Expecting Their First Child? Pregnant Transgender Man Controversy Explained!

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Calvin Klein is taking a new approach for the advertising campaign and they released a really interesting you posted on Mother’s Day where they are trying to spotlight the realities of new families where a transgender couple can be seen. Roberto Bete and Erika Fernandes are the main models. In the photograph, we can see that a man is pregnant and he is posing with her wife. Online individuals are really confused and curious to know about the whole situation and Roberto recently stated that he is expecting the birth of his son Noah. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Pregnant Transgender Man Controversy Explained

Who Are Roberto & Erika?

The brand is trying to highlight the realities of different mothers and various relationships of in the new world. Another photograph of was posted by the fashion brand on Instagram saying that we can reproduce biologically for from the heart a place is to be love and loved. They are showing their support to mothers and it is a really beautiful thing. But also they are trying to target the transgender customers and some of the individuals are really offended by the new advertising campaign.

Are Roberto & Erika Expecting Their First Child?

And one of the users who was writing that he won’t be spending any more money with the book company Calvin Klein of and female also stated that transphobes are currently losing their shit over the latest pregnant when camping. The man is seen with the relief used Delhi. Where does the company stated that they are trying to impress the platform and having a respect for all the gender is it is a really must-do thing. The controversy is still beating a book and everybody have their own opinion regarding the whole situation.

Pregnant Transgender Man Controversy Explained

We don’t have a lot of information regarding the couple as they are not listed on Wikipedia but they are looking really happy and loving each other in the new footage and they are devoting their whole time for the birth of their new child and they are TV stars who changed their gender from the opposite ones. The man is looking really different off and the posting the photograph on 11th May 2022 and he is trying to experience the feeling of being a woman. And we will be back to some more updates regarding this incident so till then stay tuned with our website.


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