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Brandon Dylan Ashur Death Reason, Minecraft Youtuber Bashurverse Died, What Happened To Bashurverse? Obituary!

Hello guys, with a deep heart we have another bad news from the Youtube community, Renowned Minecraft Youtuber Brandon Dylan Ashur is dead. Better known by his nickname “Bashuverse”.He was an American youtube and died on 13th September. The reports are suggesting that he died because of the COVID-19 infection. His whole youtube family and his companions are in a deep shock with loss. Our sympathies are with his family. He was known for his Minecraft video and web series like The Legend of Hobo.

Brandon Dylan Ashur Death Reason

Brandon Dylan Ashur Death Reason

Brandon Dylan Ashur was born on September 9, 1985, he was 36 years of Age famously known online as TOASTY, and Bashurverse. He was an American Minecraft Gamer on Youtube who used to reside in Kentucky, before moving to Australia. He was well recognized for his unconventional voice and his scripted Minecraft series The Legend Of Hobo which succeeded him millions of subscribers. When he was 17, he coincided with a girl that became his first love. Nevertheless, she later ended up cheating on him, which was destructive to Brandon.

Clara Swan, a YouTube personality “Clarababylegs” was his girlfriend. On April 8, 2015, Brandon posted another video in reply to reports of him banging a 10-year-old girl when he was 23. He was devastated and was very angry and he was frequently saying he was done. However, the video was deleted 30 minutes later but was reposted on the net.

What Happened To Bashurverse?

On April 18, 2015, he posted another one about how he was going to continue to do YouTube. In the video, he pointed off what he belonged to as a bitter-sweet gift, his gold from YouTube for reaching 1 million subscribers. In the video, he also commented that he would be soliciting professional help. After his arrest, he was taken to jail and later published on bail. By then, he was charged with a Class B felony with a minor 1st degree less than 16 yrs. He was then under consultation.

Brandon’s sister, Anesa Ashur, authenticated that her brother is no more. The news concerning the YouTuber’s death was proclaimed on her Facebook account but now it has been deleted. Still, her emotional message for her brother is viral on Social Media thanks to one of his fans. Anesa admitted that her brother died due to COVID-19. The shocked sister is grieving his passing and is receiving a lot of messages from his followers all over the world. For more latest updates and trending news stay in touch with TheGossipsWorld.


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