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Bharathi Kannamma 20th July 2021 Full Episode: Bharathi Is Ready To Leave Everything For The Sake Of Hema

Bharathi Kannamaa today’s scene would begin where Hema is steadily getting back her faculties and continues taking cooking mother’s name, yet Bharathi gets disturbed to hear her. Everybody gets glad to see her typical and in the interim, Kannamaa on account of god for saving Hema’s life. Unexpectedly Kannamaa guarantees her that she will remain with her without a doubt, and won’t ever go elsewhere regardless of what occurs. The specialist advises Bharathi that there are no meds for Hema’s illness other than Kannamaa as should be obvious.

Bharathi Kannamma 20th July 2021

Bharathi Kannamma 20th July 2021 Full Episode

Later, at that point Hema requests that Kannamaa feed her with her hands and Bharathi is featuring their bond alongside tears, and simultaneously, Hema releases that she would not like to go to America. In the meantime, she specifies that her dad is determined about his words and doesn’t prepared to get anything. On another side, Venu goes to cause him to comprehend that he should leave his choice, and Soundarya likewise says that sense of self isn’t useful for any other individual. She says that he should take any choice under keeping Hema’s condition to him.

From that point forward, Bharathi states that she is prepared to leave everything for Hema, and in the event that she needs Kannamaa so it’s fine. Hema asks him that he has adjusted his perspective now or not, Bharathi says that he is prepared to remain here with her. In the interim, he tears their flight ticket, and Hema gets glad to see that even Soundarya gets glad to see this. Interim, she uncovers that Hema considers Kannamaa over Bharathi in light of the fact that she adores her a ton.

Bharathi Kannamma Today’s Episode Update

Then, she lets him comprehend that Kannamaa battled with thugs to save Hema’s life why he isn’t understanding. In the meantime, specifies that he ought to act maturely now since it will be proper for them. Since any activity will influence Hema’s childhood, hence Soundarya requests that Bharathi leave his self-image and gives some consideration to Hema’s future. Soundarya prompts him for appropriate conduct so that, Hema’s condition will improve soon and leaves the spot.

Then at that moment Rgeb Venba arrives up there and questions him about what occurred, he releases that Hema loves Kannamaa more than him, and this thing is annoying him. In the meantime, says that Specialist states that her infection doesn’t have any medication other than Kannamaa. However, Venba consoles him that Venba is a minuscule young lady who needs her mom’s adoration consequently, she enjoys Kannamaa a ton. And yet, she uncovers that she didn’t expect Kannamaa here. Remember to grab the complete scene of Bharathi Kannamma only on Star Vijay and stay tuned with TheGossipsWorld for more latest updates and insights on TV Shows!


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