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Alex Mashinsky Arrested: Why Was Celsius CFO Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

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Hello everyone and we all know that two Crypto scams are happening all around the world the security experts have not found anything to take this problem and people are still falling prey to such kinds of individuals. Recently some online users were using the fake video of Elon musk and they earned millions of dollars by the transfer of Bitcoin. Many reliable sources are now confirming that Yaron Shalem, the CFO of crypto lender Celsius has been arrested recently. She was arrested last week on Monday for a money laundering and fraud case. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Alex Mashinsky?

Who Is Alex Mashinsky?

She has connections with the money online of brokers like coin desk. The whole incident happened in Israel and they confirmed her arrest. While Celsius network denied the arrest of any employed and they are trying to verify find that a no assets were misplaced. They are well aware of this investigation but I don’t want to accept and harm their reputation. The court proceedings will get started very quickly in Israel and the circumstances have become hard for the employee.

Why Was Alex Mashinsky Arrested?

We don’t have a lot of information regarding her and there is no update available on her relationship status as well. She was among the 17 individuals currently the Israeli police chasing after for the fraud case. It all happened in November last year and still many facts are yet to be revealed. This cryptocurrency project is very promising and millions of dollars and involved in this processor and let rest of the investors are shaky and they might wanna pull out their money from this project if such kind of news started circulating.

Alex Mashinsky Arrested Reason

She has been accused of selling ki investment offerings to many individual and state-owned organizations and she was doing fraud for many years. As we all know that Crypto market is crashing and the economy is in a very on certain position and this may result in the loss of many well known cryptocurrency projects. Terra Luna was a promising cryptocurrency but it suddenly crashed and many Crypto billionaires now have only half of their wealth. We will be back with some more information regarding this case and till then stay tuned to our website.


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