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Who Is Lacey Amour Travelodge Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube Link!

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Filming is one such thing that we can is done by every other person. While it can be said that there are hundreds of viewers, and content creators, filming has been done everywhere and every corner as well. While filming or content creation or even shooting has to be legal in some places. It can be said that some places do allow shooting in their area, while some do not and might even charge you if you do not seek their permission. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Lacey Amour Travelodge Viral Video

Lacey Amour Travelodge Viral Video

One such thing happened with a model who is getting sued by a hotel where she filmed her movie, although the model refuses to be charged with it. Stay tuned as we covered details about Lacey Amour’s controversy. Lacy Amour is an adult model who is in the news these days after her controversy with hotel management came ahead where Lacey denies the charges laid against her. Lacey as said earlier is an adult model who does film for adult movies and gets paid for it as well.

Who Is Lacey Amour?

While she is widely famous for being online and being an adult model, her work might not be pleasing to many people. While it can be said that the work that teh adult actresses do overall might not be pleasing to many people. That is the same thing that Lacy has to say. As per her statements, she and her crew filmed and they did not film in any open paces rather they were in their rooms.

Lacey Amour Full Video Explained

Lacey mentioned that the hotel sent them a legal notice that they are going to take action against them legally if they might have gone against teh hotel’s rules and regulations. While Lacey at the same time says that she is amazed as she filmed all of her adult content inside a room and the hotel yet wants to sue them. She explains how her industry is getting backlash for no reason and how her industry is disrespected even after being the oldest industry in the world.

Lacey Amour Controversy Explained

Lacey and her 27 crew mates went to a hotel room, called Travelodge which is in Cobalt Business Park, New Castle, while they logged in on the 12th of December 2022. After Lacey and her crew went to the hotel they allegedly flumed pornography in the hotel room, while the hotel members stated that they have seen the crew filmed in fits and the waiting area as well while there were no people around.

On the other hand, Lacey says that she and her crew were shooting stuff in their bedrooms that they booked overnight for about 43 dollars per night wheel they were kicked out from yet another hotel room after the team found out about their filming stuff. The model and her crew booked rooms which were four in number and they stayed in the hotel. Other than that, the model also claimed that they were aware of the families in the hotel room and did not film until they were out.

Lacey mentions that her industry faces backlash because of their work, while they work for the oldest industry. While Lacey mentioned that she was just trying to di her ob., teh hotel on teh other hand mentioned that they were not aware of the fact that they were shooting pornography content and the other thing was that they will cross check their rules and regulations and if any of them is violated they will take legal actions the model and he crew. While on the other hand, the hotel mentions they thought this might be some regular booking online like others do so.


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