Who Are Okolo Talib And Theodore Henry? All About Aqib Talib Parents, Family, Ethnicity, Background & More!

Recently two soccer players and brothers were detained by the police department of Ohio for killing of the soccer coach, Mike Hickman. One of them was Aqib Talib, cornerback, defensive American soccer professional player, of 35 years old and his brother Yaqub Talib, who had combined become the top searched topics on every digital media platform. They had shot their football coach, to death. Everyone on social media is now trying to figure out their location and other concerned details about him and his brother Yaqub. Aqib was an NFL player with a cornera back position, and his very own brother had shot Mike Hickman to death. He had a heated argument with Yaqub during the football game they were playing and it grew more intense when the coach came for the middle rescue and then got the gunshot which severely injured him and caused his death due to excessive blood loss and organ injury. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Are Aqib Talib Parents Okolo Talib And Theodore Henry?

Who Are Okolo Talib And Theodore Henry?

Texas police are directed for the search operation of Yaqub and his connections with the incident. They are trying to figure out whether it was actually an accident or if he had already planned to kill Mike with a gun. Aqib was born in the year 1996, in February, at Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. His parents were already divorced, and his father left his mother at a very young age of him. Aqib had spent most of his childhood with his mother in a place called Okolo. He was the youngest sibling among 4 kids and him being the youngest of all. He used to live with his father and then by class 9 he started living with his mother. They were of African- American origin.

Aqib Talib: Parents, Family & Ethnicity

Other than him, his brothers also had unclear police records. His brother was detained by Lancaster Police Department as a suspect of a gunshot. He was of American origin and locality of Cleveland, Ohio. His family used to live in Africa as well, as his grandfather had a home there. Being a good National level football player he was involved in numerous crimes or say had a very bad police records. In certain heated arguments near NFL Rookie Symposium, he got injured had injured many by himself. Later, he was also involved in some other arguments and violence near a Dallas strip club.

Thus, talkin’ about his religion he’s an American Muslim of African origin. And his religion believes in itself as the continuation of Christianity and Judaism. He holds a net worth of around 20 million dollars and about 7 years ago it was 56 million dollars. This downfall is because of his police records. He was about to take part in many sports events from which he had now been banned because of this incident of Mike Hickman’s killing by him and his brother Yaqub.

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