When Will Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8 Be Release? Expected Date & Time, Trailer, Host Name, Cast & More!

Sventonie is a new show that is most talked about on the internet and n TV as well. Sventoonie is actually a show that talks about the movies and shows released recently and earlier as well. This show features its host who talks about movies, features, and everything related to horror or comedy movies as well. Now, this show was released earlier this year, and the same feature shows or parent shows of this shows earlier were featured and were famous as well. Sventoonie’s second season’s episode eighth is about to get features soon. Stay tuned as we will discuss everything related to this show and minor details as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

Sventoonie is the child ho of two earlier released shows on me Tv and they also used to review movies. Sventoonie earlier reviewed many shows like the beast of the Yucca Flats and this was last week., Sventoonie mostly features various movie reviews but the movies are mostly horror genre and sometimes it also includes characters portrayed as well, Now that the new episode is getting released before that toony the host of the show was on break and he now opts to go for a comedy genre movie rather than a horror genre movie. Its first episode was released back on the 26th of march 2022 and the main host was Toony in it.

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8 Host

Vengoolit and Toon in with me are the parents of this show called Sventoonie. That is, this who is released this year but shows similar to this concept was released earlier named Toon in with me and Svengoolie. Svengoolie, on one hand, used to feature and review horror movies, and Toony, on the other hand, used to come on this show and he used to portray different roles while playing comic scenes as well. toony was also a very famous show back in the 1970s where they used to review Tv shows and movies as well and it was widely watched in Chicago. On Toony a tuna fish used to talk on the T screen and he used to review along with the host.

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8 Cast

Speaking about the cast of the show Sventoonie, Toony is the main character and the host of the show while he has also been on the show called Toon with me. Kevin Fleming is the main artist or the talented voice actor behind this character while he is also the host of Nill the cartoon curator. Toony the red tuna is widely famous and his voice is Kevin, many other characters like Looney Tunes and lego city adventures are his voices. The co-host of the show is Blob E Blob and Trevor grand which is voiced by Steven Fleming. Blob’s sounds are rather sound effects than words. Svengoolie also has a similar concept in it.

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8 Schedule

Earlier on the 26th of November 2022, episode 7th was aired and the eighth episode will be released next week. In the last episode, we saw toony speaking about Russian sciences and this was the story of Beast of Yucca Flats. The show was filled with fun and entertainment. Speaking about the next episode, the eighth episode of Sventoonie will be aired on the 3rd of December 2022, and new episodes usually release on Saturday lasting for 20-30 minutes each. In the coming episode, we can expect tuna to review The great Rupert movie which is a classic movie, and Trevor and the other characters will be talking about his life.


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