Ex-Surveyor-General DANIEL OMOIGUI Dead, Cause Of Death, Family Confirms The Death News!

This article is going to be very informative for all of you as we are getting this information about Nigeria’s first survivor general who has passed away and people are getting more curious and eagerly waiting for us to know and to get the update regarding his cause of death so his name is Daniel Omogui. So you are at the right place because we will make sure to tell you more about him in detail in this article to keep on reading the article till last. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Daniel Omoigui Cause Of Death

Daniel Omoigui Cause Of Death

Daniel Omoigui took his last breath on Thursday after celebrating his 94th birthday his death news was confirmed to the social media platform by his own family members and it is a very sad moment for everyone out there as the whole community is correct devastated to know that he is no more in this world is devastated as well as quite for the life of legacy after they announced the death news of the father.

Who Was Daniel Omoigui?

So talking more about him so he was born on November 10 in the year 1931 and Bond and raised in a village known as Iguagban Village, Beninedo state. The people use to respect him as he was well known because he was the one who used to resolve the boundaries and all the disputes among the people out there, especially with the federating units of the country he was like an instrument for establishing the national boundary Commission.

Daniel Omoigui: Wikipedia, Biography & Wife

Apart from this he also used to participate in the negotiation between Nigeria as well as Cameron one more special thing about him is that he always use to think of people and he started a school at the age of 3 which was being established as a new school in the whole village after that he decided that he will be going to join the Benin Baptist school. Now the community won’t be the same without him as he will be forever remembered by the people.

Daniel Omoigui: Funeral Updates & Obituary

He was like a father to everyone and he was such an inspiration for everyone’s life he will be never forgotten and people will always remember him because of the valuable lessons he thought everyone. We know that it is a very tough time for his family members the pain that they are experiencing right now is just a reminder to know that we care about you and we share in your sadness we will always change the wonderful memory and he will be forever best may his beautiful soul rest in peace


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