What Was Mike Hickman’s Cause Of Death? Was Aqib Talib Involved In The Murder Of Texas Coach? Arrested Or Not?

Two of the soccer players had attacked and killed their soccer coach while he was just trying to solve their dispute. This is the incident from Texas, where the coach, Mike Hickman was trying to solve the dispute between his two players and ask them to calm their anger down but instead of thinking about anything twice, both of them, Aqib Talib and Yaqub Talib killed their coach. Coach’s family has been receiving messages and flowers from their friends, relatives, and knowns on his death. The whole family is shattered by this tragic incident to their family. They wouldn’t ever be able to overcome this loss. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Mike Hickman's Cause Of Death

Mike Hickman’s Cause Of Death

When the boys were attacking the coach, they got captured in video footage of the camera installed on the ground and the video has surfaced on the internet already. Mike’s body was handed over to his family for the funeral ceremony, after the completion of all the necessary verifications. In certain videos as provided by other players from the same team to the police, it is believed that it had recorded the whole video along with the basic reason behind that whole heated argument as well. Although the video is not yet been revealed to the press or media to maintain the privacy demanded by the victim’s family and any furthermore detail would be disclosed after the family would permit for.

Who Was Mike Hickman?

According to the sources, it is believed that Yaqub had shot the coach to death since it was heard by the teammates about the firing of a gunshot and killing of the coach. Mike was admired by many as some of the netizens are praying for peace to his soul while others are praying for his family to pass through this whole situation strongly. Everyone is waiting for the results of the investigation reports and then the decision of the courtroom as Mike’s soul must seek justice and justice must be served to him. His soul had received numerous tributes from many people online. Talking about Aqib Talib, he holds a criminal record, as he was once arrested by Florida Freeway Patrol for the charge of assaulting a cab driver.

Afterward, he was also taken under custody for robbery and theft, and some violence by Pinellas County jail. He was once arrested for acquiring illegal deadly weapons on his premises and even forcing his relatives to use them. He was later released on the cost of paying off his fine of 25 thousand dollars. We can conclude that this was not the first time for the brothers to commit any crime and cause this much loss to anyone. They would repeat this if not handled properly and given strict punishment. Justice is meant to be served and these brothers are supposed to be behind the bars for safe society.


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