What Did Gareth Mason Do? Slice The Cake Vocalist Charged With Serious Criminal Allegations!

Gareth Mason: A very shocking revelation has been arrived from the music industry about a popular band player Gareth Mason, who is charged with the allegations of criminal cases. He was part of a popular music band Slice The Cake and Novena which is very popularly known for its unique style of music and tunes. Now when the charges on Gareth have been revealed in public these band groups have also come as a part of the discussion.

Gareth Mason
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What Did Gareth Mason Do?

The reasons for these charges and information about the allegations are still unknown. Both Slice The Cake and Novena have publicly posted on this matter and show their deep regret for such activities. No one has yet disclosed anything about this matter and there is no confirmation about his case.

Who Is Gareth Mason?

Gareth Mason is popularly known for his involvement in the progressive metal band Slice The Cake. However, in December 2022, the band announced their separation from Mason who was somewhere at a bad stage of his career. His association with Novena also ended some time when the band declared that they’d not been in contact for a long period of time.

The bands also made it clear that Gareth Mason no longer identifies as ‘Gaia,’ which he used earlier because it was fake. This change in identity reflects a more personal aspect of his life that made the situation and people’s doubts even more complex. It is clear that every person has multiple faces and their public figure can be different from their real personality.

Gareth Mason’s Musical Career 

He has worked as a solo musician for a long time in his career. He also created a crowdfunding through GoFundMe to raise money for studio time for creating his own solo music album in 2021. He then Collaborated with ‘Faz’ from Damage Audio and expressed his passion for music but it ended due to his financial problems. He also got a lot of funds from his fans to complete his dreams.

Gareth’s stage performance is also very attractive and inspired a lot by his mesmerizing music taste and beautiful voice. He used to meet people very politely and everyone considered him a very soft-spoken person. However, the sudden case and charges have really affected his personality and made everyone doubtful about his real personality.

The news of Gareth Mason’s serious criminal charges has shocked the whole music industry. Slice The Cake was once a renowned figure in the deathcore genre but now it also disbanded, and members Jonas Johansson and Jack Magero have moved on under a different name. 


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