Is Michio Kaku Wife Really Shizue Kaku? Delve Into The Personal Life Of An American Theoretical Physicist And Activist!

Michio Kaku Wife: In the world of science, few names shine as brightly as Michio Kaku‘s. He was born on 24th January 1947, in San Jose, CA. He is a 76-year-old physicist and has worked so well in his field that it gave him immense success and the love of a lot of people. However, behind this brilliant mind stands a woman equally remarkable – Shizue Kaku, the supportive wife who has been by Michio’s side for years. 

Michio Kaku Wife
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Michio Kaku Wife

However, he had always chosen to keep his private life very personal and out of the media. As of our latest information in October 2023, Michio Kaku is a married man. Shizue Kaku, an American, is the woman who captured Michio’s heart and has stood by him throughout his illustrious career. Their marriage has been a source of strength and support for both.

Michio Kaku Early Life 

Michio Kaku’s journey began in San Jose, California, where he was born in 1947. From childhood, he was very intelligent and interested in science and had a huge potential for this subject.  His talents earned him the prestigious Hertz Engineering Scholarship, which paved the way for his academic pursuits at Harvard University.

Michio Kaku: Contributions

Michio Kaku’s contributions to the world of science are monumental. His best-ever books os “Physics of the Impossible” and “Physics of the Future.” In 2008, he hosted a captivating BBC-TV documentary titled “Visions of the Future,” followed by a 12-episode weekly TV series on the Science Channel, “Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible” in 2009.

Michio Kaku: Family Life

The Kaku family includes two daughters, Michelle and Alyson Kaku. Alyson, following her passion, embarked on a culinary journey. Inspired by her parents, she became a successful pastry chef, thanks to her parents’ encouragement and support. They not only purchased new cooking utensils for her but also organized special cooking nights in their apartment. This support helped Alyson shape her culinary dreams into a reality.

Michelle Kaku, the other daughter, took a different path. Her journey led her to become the director of the school’s neurology residency program. Her father’s guidance and inspiration played a significant role in shaping her path.

Michio Kaku And Shizue Kaku Love Story

Despite Michio Kaku’s fame and career demands, he and Shizue Kaku have remained devoted to each other. They always go together to any party or anywhere that can quickly reflect their love. They are always spotted together and their love and bonding are also very beautiful. They have two children together named Alyson and Michelle who are also very successful in their life following the footprints of their parents.


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