Is Silicon Power MS70 SSD-In-A-Stick Worth Buying? Review Explained!

Silicon Power MS70: Silicon Power MS70 SSD is a newly introduced portable SSD that is currently of huge interest to the public. The portal storage device comes with many new characteristics that define its specialty and reasons to buy. The product was launched in October 2023 and was invented in a thumb drive form factor. The company announced two new releases of SSD cards both have capacities and product types but with slight differences. Here, we are going to tell you about the honest reviews on the silicon power MS70 storage product with all its mentioned and claimed characteristics and how it justifies all the claimed criteria. 

Silicon Power MS70 Reviews
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Silicon Power MS70 

Silicon Power is currently coming on with two different models of newly launched SSD cards. The company has already launched it and we are going to give you complete reviews about it. The first SSD is MS70 which is a portable SSD made in a thumb drive form factor. It comes with a single USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A interface and has a storage range between 250 GB to 2 TB. The second one is DS72 which is also the same as the MS70 but has a dual interface that is comparatively with both type c and type a interfaces.

Both of the products have attracted a lot of users are they are going to be the first ever portable 2 TB thumb drives in the market with a reasonable price. Its Performance and price are very reasonable and can be a good choice for the buyers. It also claims to give an impressive speed mentioned as around 1050 Mbps read and 850 Mbps write which is really impressive to be found in a flash drive.

Silicon Power MS70 Reviews

Silicon Power MS70 is getting good reactions from users. It is really lightweight and gives impressive High performance. This new silicon power MS70 aims to be one of the highest-performing thumb drives and it is mostly based on two aspects that is, available capacity points and compact case design. It is actually giving a speed of 1050 Mbps. 

The casing of the SSD is made up of rubber and aluminum and is a little larger in size. It is powered by the Phison U17 controller and is completely sturdy and pocket-sized. It has a total weight of around 13.8 grams and came to a price of USD 101 which is very reasonable and cheap.


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