Who Were David Kozak Parents? Prague University Shooting Victim Identified!

David Kozak Parents: David Kozak is a teenager, a Student of philosophy, and is preparing for his master’s degree in history, specializing in the history of Poland, Kozak previously earned a bachelor’s degree in history and European studies. A normal boy from a normal family came under police radar for a Murder case. They consider him a psycho because he killed 15 people directly and there is no reason why should he have that person. Here we are going to mention all the case details and what happened. Read the article fully to know more in detail

David Kozak Parents
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David Kozak Parents

David Kozak is currently going very popular because of his doing. He is no more but his Neve never going to be forgotten by people, a teenage philosophy student who was rushing for his master’s degree in history. 

He belongs to a normal family there is not much information available regarding his parents he killed his father and his mother has already died. There is no reason known to anyone why he took this type of violent steps and destroyed his own life and career with his family along with 15 innocent people.

David Kozak Murder Case 

David Kozak, a philosophy student, had recently come under the police radar in connection with a violent death case in Kladensko. Pursuing a master’s degree in history, specializing in the history of Poland, Kozak previously earned a bachelor’s degree in history and European studies. The motive behind the shooting remains unknown as law enforcement continues its investigation into the tragic incident.

On December 21, the police reported that at Prague in the school situated on Jan Palach Square. The murderer was identified by police as David Kozak he had blamed for killing the 15 people on his school campuses.

He killed his father before going to school which was 15 KM from his home after that, he went to school and started a regular fire in which 15 people lost their lives and almost 20 were injured and after that he killed himself. That incident was very dangerous and people were very scared after this incident happened. 

When the investigation team was informed they came on the spot and it was also revealed that after searching his home Gas bombs, ammunition + pyrotechnics were allegedly found in the basement of his house.

It was also said that he was working for some Underworld gangster, there were so many rumors coming around this case but till now there is no actual reason it came out. The investigation department is still investigating this case.

David Kozak: FAQ 

Who was David Kozak?

David Kozak was a student preparing for a master’s degree in history.

What case did David Kozak have?

David Kozak was for killing 1t people along with his Father. 

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