Sahar Shehadeh Is Being Severely Criticized On Social Media For Supporting Hamas And October 7 Massacre

Shahar Shehadeh: A video is currently going viral that contains a statement video of a girl supporting the Hamas and October 7 massacre. The video was shared by a girl named Sahar Shehadeh who was seen in the video supporting Hamas and all the recent war. As soon as the video we shared on the digital platform it went viral and became a huge controversy. The girl also started getting a huge number of mixed reactions from the audience in which many of the comments were extremely negative. She shared the video on Instagram and it started getting millions of views in some hours making it the biggest controversy.

Sahar Shehadeh
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Sahar Shehadeh Viral Video

Shahar Shehadeh is currently trending a lot over all the social media platforms. Her recent video has created a huge controversy all around the social media platforms. She has created a video in which she was seen supporting Hamas and giving a lot of encouragement towards everything that happened in the recent war.

Sahar Shehadeh has also said in her video that she wants the October 7 massacre to happen again and again. She brutally supported everything done by Hamas in the recent war and that they should do it if anything similar happens again in future.

She has barely raised her voice against Israel and bravely supported Hamas in her video. According to her, Hamas has done everything correctly and it was required. 

Why Sahar Shehadeh Video Criticized On Social Media 

Sahar Shehadeh has recently come into a huge limelight after she openly spoke up for the support of Hamas in her latest video. Her video became a huge point of controversy and people started criticizing her a lot. A lot of negative comments have filled the entire post and the comment box and people started trolling her hugely.

Her video was completely controversial and it added to the fuel of recent Hamas Attacks and wars. She supported Hamas’s recent activities and wars that they did and encouraged their inhuman brutality.

Who Is Sahar Shehadeh?

Sahar Shehadeh has recently gained huge popularity after one of her videos went viral on social media platforms. She was seen supporting Hamas and giving speeches to praise the activities of Hamas. To be clear, Sahar Shehadeh is just a college student who is doing this advanced biotechnology program at Durham College.

After her video went viral, people are criticizing the thinking process of an educated independent girl who thinks like this and takes her stand for the support of terrorism and wars. Her video is now becoming a huge controversy all around and people are not liking that video content.


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