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RIP: Dr O’Dell Owens Cause Of Death, Long-time Cincinnati Health Leader Dead At 74, Funeral & Obituary!

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Former Hamilton county coroner and medical pioneer Dr O’Dell Owens passed away at the age of 74. Owens was a former Hamilton county coroner and he is also the Cincinnati state president as well who was an expert in fertility as well. As per the reports he passed away this week and his demise news was posted online and also said in the media as well. His demise was shocking for many people and condolences as well were posted online by many people. Many doctors’ pioneers and even city experts spoke about his demise and sent concerns as well. Stay tuned as we covered everything about Owens and also about his demise as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Dr O'Dell Owens Death Reason

Dr O’Dell Owens Death Reason

The current coroner of Hamilton also posted about the demise of Owens and said that Dr Owens passed away when he was at the hospital. It was also revealed by Dr Lakshmi Sammarco, who is the current coroner that Owens passed away on the 23rd of November 2022, Wednesday. Dr Owens also was appointed as the president of Cincinnati state technical and community college beginning back in 2010 and he was also the coroner of eh county in 2004. The demise cause was not revealed earlier but now it is been revealed that Owens passed away as he suffered a heart attack and he was at the hospital when he passed away.

What Happened To Dr O’Dell Owens?

Apart from being the coroner of Hamilton County, Dr Wens was also the interim health commissioner of Hamilton as well in 2016. He served as the president of Interact for health before he took his leave from work and retired back in 2021. Dr Lakshmi met Dr Wens back in 1984 when Owens was just a teacher and Lakshmi was teaching in his class. This occurred at the Medical Center UC. Dr Lakshmi adds that Owens was an amazing person and someone who knew his stuff and how to deal with things in a very confident way as well. Alicia reed as well passed her concerns about the demise of Owens.

Dr O’Dell Owens: Wikipedia & Bio

Alicia reed who is a longtime family friend of Women’s and also the returning presence of the County commissioner adds that she lost her friend and a confidante. She adds that Owens was someone who would encourage and push someone who lacks confidence. Dr Owens was bought u in the west. End and he later graduated from Yale and then shifted to his hometown back. In 1982 he established an invitro fertilization program was the first successful in vitro fertilization centre established in 1982. Owens worked hard for this clinic and delivered many successful programs as well along with delivering a frozen embryo later as well.

Owens was 74 years old when he passed away this Wednesday and he was someone who would take care of the community as well. Cincinnati mayor Aftab Pureval Tweeted about the passing of Owens and said that Dr Owens left an impeccable impact on the city while he dedicated his years of life to the health of the city and the welfare of the city as well. Mayor also added that Owens also served the public service and the education system as well. He sent his heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and the ones who loved Owens. He lastly added that Owens’s legacy will remain intact.


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