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L Lag Gaye Web Series Cine Prime App, Release Date 2022 Review, Trailer, Cast, Ratings & More!

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Among the various internet entertainment platforms like Netflix, and Prime video, other apps have emerged in the past few years and people have been downloading these apps, they have a commendable price range as well that fits into the price ranges of the commoners of India. Like Netflix and other apps, India also launched its own apps like Cine Prime. Cine Prime is a video streaming platform that releases various entertaining web series and many series have been released on it until now. This app also has a lower cost and most importantly releases many entertaining series which helped it gain more users. Stay tuned as we have covered the latest web series released on this app and everything related to it. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

L Lag Gaye Web Series Where To Watch

L Lag Gaye Web Series Where To Watch

Cine Prime is an app that was launched on the internet and many users have been using it as well. Like many other series, this app also has now also launched a new series, and it is called L Lag Gaye, his series premiere soon and the details of it are given out by the makers of the series. Talking about the app, cine prime this app was released not a long time ago but gained massive users of its entertaining yet affordable price ranges. Now speaking about the Series that has been talked about that is soon going to be released on the Cine app, L Lag Gaye, this series is based on the lockdown that was implemented in the country due to covid.

L Lag Gaye Web Series Star Cast

In the web series, many stars are starred and the cast is also huge as well. As the story revolves around the time of lockdown and families were packed in their houses due to it, the cast as we showcase a huge family and also shows how they are going to cope with the lockdown and pass their time. Now talking about the cast of this web series, the main cast of this web series includes, Vediak Bhandari, and Sahil Anand in the lead role, while the side characters include Imran Nazir Khan, Karanvir Chowdhary, Neelam Bhanushali. The grand trailer of this series was launched in the PVR cinema in Mumbai. The lead actress Vedika is an experienced actress who worked earlier in TV serials.

L Lag Gaye Web Series Release Date

Founder of the platform Cine Prime, Manish Sharma who is also the producer of this web series, says that this web series is going to entertain people and also win their hearts. There were many stars who appeared in the launch of this web series like Adil Khan, Sunil Pal, Raju Shreshtha, and Rakhi Sawant. Maish Sharma has also revealed that Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan will be cast in a coming web series which they will announce soon. Speaking of this currently releasing web series L Lag Gaye, it is set to release on the Cine Prime app on the 9th of December 2022. Some of the sources have revealed that all the episodes of this series will be released on the same day.

L Lag Gaye Web Series Storyline

Now Speaking about the storyline of this web series, the trailer of this web series starts off with a wedding of a couple who are surrounded by their loved ones. Since the marriage is incomplete and it has some rituals still to be completed, the relatives are gathered all at the same place, and the lockdown is announced by the PM of India. Since there is no option to go outside and all the transport means have also blocked the relatives along with the newly married couple staying in a single house. The story will revolve around the circumstances of the lockdown.


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