Paula Fernandes Serious Car Accident On Highway, She Celebrates Rebirth After Car Accident, Injury & Health Condition!

The tragic road accident where a woman named Paula Fernandes was injured badly. Her car got flipped on the Castello Branco highway on a Saturday night dated the 27th of August. She was driving toward São Paulo with her boyfriend, Rony Cecconello. Her boyfriend is a businessman while Paula works as a publisher who had recently published a photograph on Sunday afternoon i.e. 28th of August. The photograph has been overturned, she wrote that she is alive and that’s what she knows from this accident. She had survived the accident and her boyfriend is fine, they’re walking on their limbs and this is all she’s thankful about. She gave detailed information about the accident, as she was driving towards her home from the highway to the countryside and suddenly lost control over the steering wheel of her vehicle. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

What Happened With Paula Fernandes?

Paula Fernandes Serious Car Accident On Highway

Due to the crash, her steering wheel got forced and the car got flipped about a few times and got dragged till the asphalt stopped. Her car was dragged onto the runway and got dented in many places and the driver and passenger got injured. Paula stated that she’s still in the shock of that accident and still recovering from the trauma of that accident and can’t sleep peacefully. Although she’s physically unharmed but mentally exhausted from the accident. She told that she has no idea about herself, she goes unconscious all of a sudden and unexpectedly gets the shock of that accident. She told about the accident in her published article that she’s thankful for her being alive and calls her survival as the rebirth of herself. The image of the terrible accident shows how hardest survival was and if they did that’s nothing less than a miracle.

What Happened With Paula Fernandes?

The accident was looking like it would cause maximum harm and death to the victims, although their car had airbags that saved them from getting injuries to vital organs if not they wouldn’t have survived the accident. Rony and Paula were returning from the countryside to São Paulo, through the Castelo Branco highway. Paula was driving the car and suddenly a car hit them from the back. Due to the collision, she lost control over her steering and their car got dragged to a long distance and harmed a lot. Both of them were scared but the alarming emergency settings of the car saved them from dying.

Paula Fernandes: Injury & Health Condition Update

Paula was injured in her arm while Rony got a few scratches. Both of them needed a little bit of medical assistance and first aid, all in all, they’re fine and breathing lively. Today, on the 29th of August it’s her birthday and she got a new life from god on this day, as she wrote in the caption of the photograph she published explaining her accident. We pray for them to have a speedy recovery from the mental trauma they experienced due to that accident. Stay in touch with us for more updates.

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