Taylor Swift fan died in stabbing in Rio de Janeiro Named Gabriel Milhomem Santos!

Gabriel Milhomem Santos: A very tragic incident happened where a die heart fan of Taylor Swift passed away in Rio de Janeiro. He was a very big fan of Taylor Swift and he visited Rio de Janeiro to attend his live show but unfortunately he was never able to do so. He was fatally injured and stabbed but someone which led to his ultimate demise. The news is spreading like fire as this is the second incident that occurred during the three-day live show of Taylor Swift in Rio de Janeiro. Here we have everything for you about this horrific incident.

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Gabriel Milhomem Santos
Image Source: NDTV

Gabriel Milhomem Santos Stabbing News 

Gabriel Milhomem Santos was just a 25-year-old young boy, the biggest fan of Tylor Swift. He went to Rio de Janeiro to take part in his three days of live concerts but unfortunately, he passed away after attending his first-day show at Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium. 

After the show, he was resting on the side of a famous Copacabana beach where he was badly stabbed ultimately leading to his his demise. He was badly stabbed by someone and got dangerous l hurt and wounded. Even after getting the medical treatment, he could not survive.

Taylor Swift Fan Death News 

Taylor Swift’s biggest fan has passed away recently after attending his biggest concert at Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium. The victim Gabriel Milhomem Santos was a 25-year-old young boy who went to the stadium to attend Taylor’s three-day live concert. 

He attended the show on 18th November 2023 and after that, he went around the beach to rest.On the morning of 19th November 2023, he was badly stabbed leading to his death. It is the second time a fan of Taylor Swift has passed away during his three-day live show in that place. 

Gabriel Milhomem Santos
Image Source: Daily Express US

Earlier,23-year-old girl also passed away during the concert due to the very high temperature at the stadium of about 59°C. She got a heart strike during the live show and passed away in a short time.

Fan Shirt Will Be Wear By Him On His Funeral

As per the information Gabriel Milhomem Santos was originally belonging to his hometown in the western state of Mato Grosso do Sul. He went to Rio de Janeiro, especially to attend the event of Taylor Swift as he was his biggest fan.

His parents are extremely sorrowful about his death. He also made a family shirt to wear to the concert but his family said that they would fulfil his wish and wore that shirt to his funeral. This was tragic news and it shocked a lot of people. This is the most painful and sorrowful moment for his family and friends who got to know about this unfortunate news. Police are investigating the whole matter and trying to reach out to the details of this matter. 


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