Delve Into The Comparison Between “Dream11 vs My11Circle”, Which Is Better For Fantasy Cricket!

Dream11 vs My11Circle: Fantasy cricket has gained immense popularity in India, with millions of users participating in various fantasy sports platforms. Two prominent names in this arena are Dream11 and My11Circle. In this detailed analysis, we will delve into the major differences between these platforms, considering various aspects such as user base, team composition, credit issues, deadlines, point systems, contest types, celebrity associations, and more.

Dream11 vs My11Circle
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Dream11 vs My11Circle

Features And Benefits Comparison

Dream11 vs My11Circle – Sign Up Benefits

  • Dream11 offers a sign-up reward of Rs 200 discounted entry, while My 11 Circle provides no sign-up reward.
  • My11 Circle offers up to a 200% extra bonus on the first deposit, a feature lacking in Dream11.
  • Dream11 charges a fee for entry, whereas My11Circle offers free entry with a minimal fee of Rs 1 to join Rs 49 grand leagues.

Dream11 vs My11Circle – Unique Features

  • My11Circle supports multiple fantasy sports like cricket, football, and kabaddi, whereas Dream11 covers all sports.
  • My11 Circle offers a unique ‘second innings’ feature and various games in addition to fantasy cricket.
  • Dream11 allows the use of a bonus of Rs 25 or 10% of the total entry fee, while My 11 Circle provides a 10% bonus unlocked.

Dream11 vs My11Circle – Platform Charge (Commission)

  • Dream11 imposes commission rates of 24-25% for grand leagues, 18-25% for mini-grand leagues, and varying rates for other contest types.
  • My11Circle’s commission ranges from 25-30% for grand leagues, 20-25% for mini grand leagues, and 10-17% for two to four-member contests.

Dream11 vs My11Circle – User’s Experience

  • Dream11 provides an excellent home interface, fast and smooth team creation, and smooth contest joining.
  • My11 Circle offers a simple home interface and equally smooth team creation and contest joining.

Dream11 vs My11Circle – User Base

Dream11 boasts an impressive user base of over 140 million, making it the largest fantasy platform in India. My11Circle, though growing rapidly, lags behind with approximately 30 million users.

Dream11 vs My11Circle
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Dream11 vs My11Circle – Team Composition

Both platforms offer variations in team composition. Dream11 allows up to three wicket-keepers, 3-6 batsmen, and 1-4 all-rounders. My11Circle, on the other hand, restricts selections to one wicket-keeper, 3-5 batsmen, and 1-3 all-rounders.

Dream11 vs My11Circle – Credit Issues

Dream11 offers more flexibility in player selection but comes with higher prices for key players. My11Circle, in contrast, imposes some limitations on team dynamics but offers more accessible player credits.

Dream11 vs My11Circle – Point System

Both platforms differ significantly in their point distribution systems. Dream11 provides 1 point for each run, while My11Circle offers 0.5 points per run. For wickets, Dream11 rewards bowlers with 25 points (excluding run-outs), while My11Circle grants 10 points per wicket. In catches, Dream11 gives 8 points compared to My11Circle’s 4.


Both Dream11 and My11Circle have their strengths and weaknesses. Dream11 is a trusted and reliable platform with a large user base but faces stiff competition and credit issues. My11Circle, although smaller and newer,

Offers lower credit problems, lower commission rates, and unique features that Dream11 lacks. Your choice between the two platforms should align with your preferences for user experience, team composition, sign-up rewards, and the sports you wish to participate in.


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